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Tbf, as much as the TIM who wrote this is probably a "pathetic incel," I think the girl in this story crossed a bit of a line and was a bit mean to him with some of the things she said. It does seem like she did do more than express her opinions and misgender him, but she's 15 and she's clearly frustrated by the whole thing so it's kinda understandable. This is assuming this is all true and an accurate account of what happened which is a big if. I highly doubt it is as I think if I think this is too far then surely her teachers would too?

Bits of this are hilarious though.

Also, she does this really annoying thing where she is very sarcastic and she just repeats what you say back at you in a sarcastic voice and somehow it makes it look stupid.

Maybe cause what you were saying is stupid?

Yes. It is a bit sad that he essentially became the school's laughingstock. It is not a reputation easily discarded.

He does need some proper help (not affirmation). Obviously, emotionally he is troubled.

Nah. Kids are brutal and plenty of kids are bullied far worse for no reason at all. This girl has a perfectly valid reason to ridicule this LARPing little ballsack.

If this is real (personally I’m leaning towards is being an undercover GC) I think the little incel creep deserves every ounce of ridicule.

Yeah, she’s mean but this misogynist is appropriating womanhood, preforming his own shallow and pathetic stereotypes and walking around in a grotesque parody of what he thinks women are....I don’t care if she’s mean, she’s right. What he’s doing is far more cruel than what she is doing IMO.

My sympathy for TIM’s is non existent anymore.

This exactly. Why tf is the kid supposed to "be kind" to incel AGP scrotes at her school. If she's real I don't think she's cruel or out of line at all - I'm glad she's being a bit "mean" to the creep, it's the least of what he deserves.