TERF arguments can be hard to argue with as they are good at asking gotcha questions in bad faith, especially as he hadn’t thought about them much. He probably shouldn’t have engaged with her and just punished her straight away and I don’t know why he didn’t.

The witch made too many logical arguments. The man in authority should have just burned her without a trial.

That said, it was risky for the girl to record the conversation and post it. OP does say he lives in Maine, and a quick google search shows that one-party-consent recordings are legal there, but I don't know if there are extra stipulations in the realm of education.

Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl.

Not being sexist != female

any question they can't answer coherently is a "question in bad faith". lol

Right? I've done my research and I've lurked in the trans forums and I've talked to trans ppl and I've never once gotten a coherent, non sexist argument from trans rights activists.

The suicide emotional manipulation used to really get me, until I found out those statistics are bullshit