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I don't think this is real. Poster is presenting TERF-girl's argument succinctly, accurately, and with clarity, and portraying everyone on his side as incapable of producing any coherent rebuttals. This piece has been cleverly crafted to present GC arguments to a pro-trans audience.


"Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl." Most teens of average intelligence would see immediately that this is an absurd argument, implying as it does that only misogynists are "real" men, and that any man who supports women must in fact be one.

TERF girl comes across as heroic, and Poster as pathetic and deluded. Unreliable narrator indeed! It's very cleverly done.

Not real. He says he's in Maine, but uses British terms. We don't say "deputy head".

Maybe he is British and saying he’s in Maine to mix up the record. I agree, even a hard Anglophile wouldn’t say “deputy head” because a high-school kid might not even know that’s the name for vice principal in the UK.

It was posted at 1am in the UK and then he replied again at 3:30am UK time so that seems unlikely

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My high school in Maine did have a deputy head of school. It's definitely not common but it does exist.

Edit - after reading more, the phrase "year group" is kinda off though. I agree that the terminology is suspect.

I don't think this is real.

It’s possible, but collecting all the misogynistic comments advising to do her harm or call her derogatory terms associated with female reproduction is enough.

I agree. As I was reading it, I was wondering how we could infiltrate their forums and present TERFy ideas in a way that didn't trigger them. Just to plant the seed of sanity.

Even if it doesn't plant the seeds of sanity, it will mess with their heads because they'll never know which posters are truly oppressed, bullied, "valid" members of their community and which ones are the fiendishly cunning fifth columnists.

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I don't know? Perhaps or it might just be the poster is genuinely so pathetic and deluded and the TERF girl is genuinely heroic and it can't be portrayed in any other way.

The TERF girl in this does genuinely come across as a bit mean and I think if a GC person was writing this they could make it just as believable and recieve just as many upvotes while making her seem less so. She's understandably annoyed but they could have written it so she was still annoyed without coming across like that. Any trans person who sees this is just going to be annoyed at the girl and not really think about anything or have any respect for her arguments because of this

A couple of times they could have explained GC arguments a lot more. Especially when he talks about what was in the recording, the writer could have written another 2-3 lines about what arguments she used without it sounding unusual or suspicious

If it is like that its almost too clever as it's too subtle and it will all go over their heads

I think these posts https://archive.ph/Q5n8I "my wife is a TERF and now has opinions" and https://archive.ph/7XNsb "How do I respond to transphobic questions asked by fifth grader" seem to be far more likely to be what you are saying

I believe there are quite a lot of undercover GCs posting cleverly-composed "help me fellow trans how do I respond?" posts in those forums.

She thinks I am a caricature of a woman and she says that me and us trans girls, in general, make being female about sexist stereotypes.

Yes and yes.

in the same breath, he said "I wear the most makeup out of all the girls, so I'm the most female out of them" lol. wearing a construction site on your face doesn't make you female.

She’s the smartest and yet he thinks she doesn’t know anything and just “has TERF arguments memorized”? Kid, you’re just mad because she’s speaking logic and there is no counter to it

The girl sounds like a badass kid, if I were the one picking her up from school I'd definitely take her for ice cream for getting in trouble over radfem arguments lol. OP is a pathetic incel and good for the girls standing up for themselves. If this is real though I want this coward OP to post the 20 minute audio smackdown lmao.

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I don't. As much as I'd love to hear it, if this happened the TRA would inevitably find her contact details and send her death and rape threats. Just look at what happened to slxthkween. No one should have to have that, but especially not a 15 year old! If she wants the audio recording shared to everyone, she should be the one to share it

Sure but didn't the girl already allegedly post it to most or the whole school according to OP? Who knows how much of his account is true though. I don't know who you are referencing but hope she is safe :/

[–] spw 6 points

https://ovarit.com/o/Cancelled/158104/tiktoker-slxthkween5-0-has-been-banned-from-the-platform-and-doxed-by-dylan-mulv She's a woman who made a parody of an Dylan Mulvaney, a TIM who did the days of girlhood thing. She got doxxed and they sent her death threats and rape threats for mildly mocking a fully grown man

I think there is a difference from sharing with people your own age who you know in a private groupchat to posting to the whole internet with so many far more aggressive and angry TIMs. I think if she wanted it to go to the whole internet she should be the one to post it

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Tbf, as much as the TIM who wrote this is probably a "pathetic incel," I think the girl in this story crossed a bit of a line and was a bit mean to him with some of the things she said. It does seem like she did do more than express her opinions and misgender him, but she's 15 and she's clearly frustrated by the whole thing so it's kinda understandable. This is assuming this is all true and an accurate account of what happened which is a big if. I highly doubt it is as I think if I think this is too far then surely her teachers would too?

Bits of this are hilarious though.

Also, she does this really annoying thing where she is very sarcastic and she just repeats what you say back at you in a sarcastic voice and somehow it makes it look stupid.

Maybe cause what you were saying is stupid?

Agree she may have gone too far, but I’d love to hear her version of this story - in this one, the poor TIM has done literally nothing at all and she’s randomly decided to pick on him for no reason.

I bet he’s left out a lot of details, if everyone (seemingly) is taking her side, including the teachers.

If this is real, and that's a big if, probably a little asshole if everybody took her side. They say the GC girl "used to be a lonely nerd"

I never believe ppl when they are totally innocent in a situation

Yes. It is a bit sad that he essentially became the school's laughingstock. It is not a reputation easily discarded.

He does need some proper help (not affirmation). Obviously, emotionally he is troubled.

Nah. Kids are brutal and plenty of kids are bullied far worse for no reason at all. This girl has a perfectly valid reason to ridicule this LARPing little ballsack.

If this is real (personally I’m leaning towards is being an undercover GC) I think the little incel creep deserves every ounce of ridicule.

Yeah, she’s mean but this misogynist is appropriating womanhood, preforming his own shallow and pathetic stereotypes and walking around in a grotesque parody of what he thinks women are....I don’t care if she’s mean, she’s right. What he’s doing is far more cruel than what she is doing IMO.

My sympathy for TIM’s is non existent anymore.

This exactly. Why tf is the kid supposed to "be kind" to incel AGP scrotes at her school. If she's real I don't think she's cruel or out of line at all - I'm glad she's being a bit "mean" to the creep, it's the least of what he deserves.

Yeah, not sure if it's real or not, but I chuckled out loud at this:

she calls me “the misogynist” when talking to her TERF friends.

I'm with you. The girl is right but cruel. Even if she's right she shouldn't mock and bully this guy. She definitely crossed the line.

She also keeps doing really nasty impressions of me and she says things like “I’m (my name) and I am a girl as I like to wear pretty dresses. I wear more makeup than anyone else here and so I am the most female of all the girls here. But deep down I know I’m not a real girl as I have a penis but I’ve convinced myself I don’t and now I can’t look at it without crying. But at least crying proves I am a real girl again as boys don’t cry”.

This is so on-point it makes the post seem fake.

TERF arguments can be hard to argue with as they are good at asking gotcha questions in bad faith, especially as he hadn’t thought about them much. He probably shouldn’t have engaged with her and just punished her straight away and I don’t know why he didn’t.

The witch made too many logical arguments. The man in authority should have just burned her without a trial.

That said, it was risky for the girl to record the conversation and post it. OP does say he lives in Maine, and a quick google search shows that one-party-consent recordings are legal there, but I don't know if there are extra stipulations in the realm of education.

Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl.

Not being sexist != female

any question they can't answer coherently is a "question in bad faith". lol

Right? I've done my research and I've lurked in the trans forums and I've talked to trans ppl and I've never once gotten a coherent, non sexist argument from trans rights activists.

The suicide emotional manipulation used to really get me, until I found out those statistics are bullshit

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Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl.

I have really bad dysphoria, particularly after going to the restroom as I find it hard and it's a reminder about my penis and I find that really hard. After going to the restroom one time I had a bit of a breakdown about it.

So not liking the way boys talked about women made him realise he was trans? I would have thought his supposed crippling dysphoria he has every time he sees his penis would have been the bigger clue? Or did that not exist before he decided he was trans? I wonder why that could be?

Ah, this is fake then. Too many britishisms for the writer to be from Maine.

Def. He said she’s the “cleverest” girl in class, no one American uses “clever” like that. We’d say, she’s the smartest girl in class.

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People ask me all the time if I'm European. They say I have a bit of an accent and phrase things strangely. I don't see it, but I have gotten this a lot, my whole life. I am a lifelong resident of the NE US.

P.s.- I also say clever.

Could this be fake? Sure. But the assertion I'm seeing in many comments on this thread that we Americans are a homogenous group speech wise is just strange and inaccurate, imo.

"Deputy head" instead of "principal" does make me wonder. But again, we are not a homogenous group stateside, and regional differences in dialect abound. Maybe in Maine or that particular district that is what they say, I'd be interested to know.

It was Deputy Head that made me assume this writer was in the UK. If people say "Deputy Head" in Maine, I'll eat my hat.

I don't really care if it's real or not. The comments are the truly entertaining part. But this is a creative writing exercise.

Anyways, the guy probably should get some proper therapy. Not liking sexist locker talk doesn't mean you are a girl inside (or not a different flavor of misogynist).

Maybe, he should have tried shutting that locker talk down rather than trespassing into the girls' locker room.

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The teachers do tell her off for this and I have told them this but whenever they do she just asks them transphobic questions and tries to argue with them about it and they don’t know how to argue really as she knows every TERF argument by heart and she seems to have a clever response to everything they say.

Gee. If you can’t respond to any of the arguments without crying “TrANSPHOBIA!” you know your ideology has no leg to stand on. Women fought for our own rights using logic.

She also doesn’t seem to care about getting in trouble. Also, she is the cleverest in our year and the teachers all mostly love her and so are afraid to properly tell her off. She is clever but she also thinks she is like some kinda god and thinks she is better than everyone, even the teachers.

You mean, she acts confident because she actually did the research, put herself in your shoes and saw if your logic played out to the end, and she KNOWS she is more informed than her peers and teachers.

When your allies are asked difficult questions, their answer is usually, “I haven’t really thought about that.”

Respect is earned. Your teachers haven’t thought deeply about all the arguments, yet they feel confident enough to impose their morality when they tell her off. Hard to find respect in that. Conservatives do the exact same thing with anti-abortion. They impose their morality without thinking through how that affects women, even those who wanted the pregnancy.

[–] Maplefields 15 points Edited

OP. Please use the direct pronouns.

CUNT or ignorant cunt.

She a mean nasty thing. Go to the head of the school. Make a bullying and harassment complaint. Document and make the school Deal with her. Fill a compliant every time she does shit.

Says everything about you people.

If being misgendered was that offensive, they would call her boy. Funny how that works huh?

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