There's plenty of transphobic men too but I don't think they do nearly as much damage.

Every single murdered TIM was killed by a man. But sure, terfs do soooo much more damage.

I love how they’re always talking about how five TIMs are killed every second, but refuse to place blame where it belongs when it comes to the actual murder victims. Everything everywhere is always the fault of women.

Apparently women refusing to blindly go along with everything they say is worse than men killing them. Yep, totally rational and not at all misogynistic!! /s

Never ever a fucking word about the men out there murdering, beating, raping, and pimping out transwomen

ALWAYS just violent threats towards "terfs"

Phony as fuck

"I know women are afraid of being beaten raped humiliated degraded but haven't these annoying women stopped to think about MUH FEELINGS"

Thats because whoever posted this is just another incel, typical woman hating man.

[–] hontrapoints 🤢🤮 44 points

I wish I lived in this fantasy world where TERFs had so much power

Right? This guy is basically writing comedy if it wasnt so hate filled.

Damn, the rent in this dude's head is free but there are bats and empty boxes where rational thoughts should be stored!

Seriously though - I think the reason these lunatic men hate us so much is that try as they might, they will never actually be able to co-opt the reality of womanhood and female history as a whole.

You can strap on fake breasts, but the the shared experience of being a woman will be something that they will never be able to fathom. No male, no mater how realistic his cosplay, will never be able to feel or experience the primal connection women have when they come together in solidarity and kinship. It speaks volumes, I think, that most women I know (myself included) may genuinely dislike or even hate another woman, but would still defend her from an attacker or try to help her if asked.

Men like the one who typed that drivel are so desperate to have something to claim as genuine victimhood that they claw at any marginalized group in history for some kind of validation. Trans activists have taken the suffering of Jewish, Romani & LGB groups during the holocaust and tried to claim that pain for themselves. They have tried to steal and re-write the history of Stonewall and the women's suffrage movement in an attempt to insert themselves into these struggles and claim hard hard fought civil rights victories as their own.

And when women tell them "No. You don't get to take history and change it to suit yourself." or "No. You are not welcome in my space, my boundaries are non-negotiable." trans activists hold up the bloody chunks they have ripped from the histories of actual groups of real people who suffered, fought, and died to make a better world and claim that our no is not only equal, but SURPASSES that pain. Then they call us "TERF, Fascist etc."

Well, last I checked, fascists and racists are the ones that hide their faces when they try to scare off people who speak out against them. And I've never seen a TERF in a full face mask screaming at women or nailing dead rats to rape shelters. That's what trans rights activists do.

So, show your face little man. Show me how stunning and brave you are. Because I have seen 8 year old girls speak out against your bullshit and you aren't worthy to sit in the shade of her shadow.

the primal connection women have when they come together in solidarity and kinship.

When you’re walking down the street at night and feel someone walking right behind you. You turn around, see it’s another woman, and breathe a sigh of relief. And other women do the same when they see you walking behind them.

[–] drdeeisback 3 points Edited

And we smile at them, and sometimes just say hi, because we know exactly what they're thinking and feeling, because we think and feel the exact same thing in the same situation.

"It's bad enough when men are Terfs, but they don't have much power."

I don't think I've laughed so hard since my last Modern Family marathon!!!!!!!

[–] Apricot_Ibex 25 points Edited

Okay, on what planet are racism and sexism always “thoroughly called out”, or homophobia for that matter? 🤣

As his profile proves, this is another white dude and probably a transbian. He wants sooooo badly to win Oppression Olympics because he’s just another whiny white dude who apparently is a NEET (unemployed) up in his twenties and doesn’t want to ever have to work.

Preying on trans kids

That’s you guys.

I put them in the same category as the scum of the earth, abusers, pedophiles, rapists.

DARVO personified. Try harder, scrote.

Also, he’s big mad about the brown and black stripes added to the LGBT flag because “race doesn’t have anything to do with being “queer” and “are we just gonna include everyone”?


Listen, bud— LGB are all related to sexuality NOT “queerness” which many consider to be an offensive slur. It’s YOU dudes, the T, that doesn’t belong with LGB to begin with, because gender woo has nothing to do with sexual orientation. YOU co-opted the rainbow flag and now you gatekeep and whine.

EDIT: Ding ding ding! 🔔 We got ourselves another uWu MRA TIMcel!! He posted a rant against women on r/MensRights 4 months ago.


Sexism against men has become full force. Actually, it always has been, but especially now I think. I'm not sure if it's just the loud ones on social media but you see women everywhere saying they'll draw themselves off from sex as a way against the Roe v Wade abortion thing. When.. how is that fair? Yes I totally understand and even preach for them being more careful, and in reality it's their choice what they want to do with their bodies, and I totally support abortion. But it's become clear a large part of this is out of bitterness, out of bitterness to men. All these men who had absolutely nothing to do with this, are now being punished for a crime they didn't commit.

In communities like TwoXchromosomes I've seen the absolute hatred for men, saying how they'll never get laid again, even further than that abuse these people online and verbally. For their interests, for not being enough for women. Telling them that the money they make, all that they do, is pathetic to women. Meanwhile they'll absolutely support each other, by doing this they basically show to even people who didn't cause a horrible thing to happen, they are guilty for being born their sex and that bullying and judging people on every aspect of their life is completely acceptable. However if you said any of these things about women you'd be ripped to shreds like a pack of wolves would do to you.

Once again I totally and completely support abortion. I would have been there backing them up all the way and being there for them, but as a result of what they do against people who had nothing to do with it and the absolute depravity of their behavior, I feel wrong supporting them, because it's clear they would never support anything for the other side, in fact they'd love to go further. They'd love to mutilate you and put you in a deep depression, to suffer in a Hell forever, because they feel that's a fair punishment for what's been done to them.

In communities like TwoXchromosomes I've seen the absolute hatred for men, saying how they'll never get laid again, even further than that abuse these people online and verbally.

Men thinking the worst that can happen to them is being insulted online and not being able to get laid says it all. They have no empathy for us, so they don’t see the real violence and oppression women face.

'Which you might think of as strange, on the surface they haven't done anything physically to ruin anyone's life. But it's what they do with their voice, the emotional and mental abuse.'

I generally enjoy the podcast This Jungian Life, in which three Jungian analysts (two female, one male) discuss various topics from a Jungian point of view. But although the male participant, Joseph, has said some really profound things which have honestly changed my life, he can come out with some incredibly appalling ones as well. I can't remember what the topic was, but the women were discussing men's (real, actual) abuse of women, and Joseph pipes up 'I work with a lot of men, and women JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND how INCREDIBLY DAMAGING a woman criticising or mocking a man can be, they don't APPRECIATE HOW MUCH POWER THEY HAVE to DESTROY A MAN.'

[–] furyosa MERF 2 points

'I work with a lot of men, and women JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND how INCREDIBLY DAMAGING a woman criticising or mocking a man can be, they don't APPRECIATE HOW MUCH POWER THEY HAVE to DESTROY A MAN.'

So Joseph can recognize how damaging mocking can be on your self-image. However, women being mocked by men is just par for the course apparently. When the roles are reversed it's somehow extraordinary destructive? Come on, Joseph, show some empathy for women plz.

Apparently women being raped and murdered by men isn't nearly as DAMAGING as a woman CRITICISING A MAN. It was extraordinary to hear him actually say this, to two women, on a podcast. And this doesn't seem to be an unusual belief among men. I continue to be shocked at how anything to do with imagining women as actual human people seems to be such an impossibility for so many men and many women as well.

[–] spw 16 points

Did he really just say that women have more power than men?

Apricot's post says guy used to be full-on MRA, so of course he interprets having reasonable boundaries instead of obeying "what a man wants" as "denying his right to exist"

Dude, you personally are a danger to women and children You are a extremely angry and delusional man.

Their fucked up delusions know no bounds. What sort of moron thinks women are no longer oppressed and marginalized? I'm going to assume a dumb-ass woman-face wearing man wrote this vitriol. The amount of bullshit in this post is outright laughable, TERF's are protected? I have plenty of receipts of being told to kill myself, die or suck girl dick, a list of bans from various platforms a mile long because i do things like post the definition of women, etc.

I think this mentally ill man is projecting the behaviour of their own community onto women who defend other women. Its alarming that they casually post calling for harm against a group of women just because they don't like what we say, but that's typical male behaviour, I've been beaten by plenty of men who want me to shut up, and I would gladly take on a man in a dress who wants me to shut up any day. These fucked up humans don't scare me, and that's what they really hate, that they can't control us.

Lmfao "more power than men".

And yes you're completely right about one thing, you won't know who's a secret TERF. There's women on this very site in woke areas, with woke friends, with TIP relatives, who see right through the bullshit but must be quiet through intimidation. It must be frustrating to see that no matter how you beat us into submission our minds won't submit. You will never own women the way you want and it makes you furious

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