Crazy that he's able to talk about women without including himself. Just like he's not a woman and knows it.

And also... not having sex with men is apparently punishing men, did I get that right? Okay incel.

He was on r/TransVent ranting again about TERFs and women who won’t sleep with men because abortion rights were taken away. He is fucking obsessed with women “punishing” men by withholding sex— pure transcel. https://archive.ph/YXfXl

Now all over social media lots of women are drawing themselves off and being that much more cautious who they sleep with, even going so far to say "you can thank the supreme court for that :)" which I think is so petty. Yes, I absolutely think you should be careful, not just with this but everything in your life. However most men had nothing to do with this, they are being wrongly punished for this.

He has an extensive r/MensRights posting history! He hits all the usual MRA talking points— mansplaining is imaginary, men are the real victims of patriarchy, withholding sex is oppression of men, giving women abortion rights was a mistake because they didn’t appreciate it enough, muh false rape accusations from feminists, evil manipulative mothers, that male-controlled misandrist media, and even WOMEN FAKING ORGASMS IS OFFENSIVE MISANDRY!!! As an official uWu woman, everything he says about women is totally legit, bruh!!


"You deserve it. If men don't want to be hated they should behave better. It's the patriarchy." These are the things you hear from them. Only they go feral and lose their fucking minds if you say anything that's seen as misogynistic while they let misandry go by like it's the most normal thing in the world. If you even so much as advocate for awareness for oppression of men's issues you're horrible


Many are driven by hatred and will not practice for other people what they advocate for their own groups…deep down we all know many feminists deep down hate men so much. All these individuals. Put down, shamed, belittled. All because of what genitals they have between their legs. That is sexism. Try telling me again that men can't suffer from sexism.


It's become so acceptable to trash on men. It's become so normal to belittle yet another group of people who suffer as well. Yet try reversing the roles, I have no doubt people would be losing their minds. Like how DARE you say this about a group of people so oppressed. Many people don't realize it but sexism is still commonplace and still very much alive. The majority just doesn't care because it happens to be that men are victims too.


What women call misogyny is often just people standing up for themselves.

First off I find it so strange. If you even bring up the fact that men struggle or they're oppressed in ways too you're met with overwhelming aggression. Like, why are you so offended at the idea of someone being male and struggling from something like a horrible double standard? Like don't get me wrong, I completely believe that women definitely do struggle. I think both sexes do. I'm totally capable of listening and supporting their causes. So why is it then you absolutely refuse to see it the other way around? And I have a theory. It's because they're afraid.

They're afraid that if men are given a little support it'll show the way for them to lose rights and privileges, to go back the way things before like in the 1950s. If you say something and generalize gay people as an entire group, you're homophobic. If you say something against black or colored people as a group, you're racist. If you say something like "all women do ____" you're sexist. And yet.. the same never applies for men. You even have things you hear less about like albeism or antiseptism. And yet none of that matters, men are still horrible people.

You have things like mansplaining. Why is this even a thing? If I see it correctly all that is is explaining something in a condensing way or even talking down to them while doing it. But aren't both genders capable of doing this? And, if you speak against it, you're misogynistic.

Mothers are more often the ones to get the children in custody battles, even manipulating the situation or doing certain things because she knows that's how she can rob the father of his kids. If you speak out against this you're misogynistic.

False rape cases. Often from feminists or people in general false cases is about 1% but I can't help wondering how is this recorded? Let's be honest, most of the time the only way you'll find out it was staged if she admits to it. We only hear about the documented cases. Also, you'll go to prison for a very long time. But most times when a woman is found to have lied about it, she'll have no consequences. One of the rare times I saw she admitted to it and only had to spend barely a month in jail, for something that completely destroys lives. If you speak out against this you're misogynistic. Ironically with this you often find that men will get worse prison sentences that women would normally get, simply because they're men. With the recent Ukraine war men 18-60 were forbidden from leaving while women are free to. You must fight and most likely die all because you have a log of meat between your legs. This is extreme sexism. In some countries women were required to be added to the draft, many women freaking out because they shouldn't be made to die. You think men do? If you speak out against this you're a pathetic coward and misogynistic.

The suicide rate for men is over 3 times higher than that of women and yet this is ignored. We also have how it's been said around 80% of women fake orgasms with men. This isn't as serious but that still offends me. Imagine if a man is having sex and later on he's just like "oh I never found you attractive, your boobs aren't big enough so I only pretended to like you"

Oh, and if you're lucky enough to actually get someone to admit that men do indeed struggle. Guess what? Here's the real kicker. The patriarchy is to blame. Which.. yeah maybe. The translation? It's not our problem, we don't care.

I happen to be a trans woman. Sometimes I'd feel bad being here, as if it says I have "male thinking" but a male feminist would be looked at as doing the right thing. Often times many women "terfs" do the same thing, refusing that they can struggle because of what parts they happen to have. These are women but because they happen to be trans they're treated as horrible people.

I'd also like to make it very clear. I'm not saying misogyny doesn't exist, it definitely does. I'm just tired of people slapping that label over real struggling people in order to silence them.


The way we identify men is some of the most sexist and disgusting things I’ve seen….Notice we never do this with women. If a woman is horrible as a person and is the absolute scum of humanity, at the end of the day she's still a woman. Only with men do you somehow stop being a man because of something you did or didn't do. It's extremely sexist and I'm tired of hearing it.

And on and on and on

Bonus points for post talking about shooting and murdering people who use the “wrong pronouns” on him. So male, so uWu. https://archive.ph/7lJre

Imagine if a man is having sex and later on he's just like "oh I never found you attractive, your boobs aren't big enough so I only pretended to like you"

That's... happening all the time. Men always try to "humble" women and tell them that actually, they are ugly and bad people. And it also happens after sex with men since men don't need to like women in order to sleep with them. They very often hate the women they sleep with.

Exactly. Has this idiot NEVER heard of PUA and “negging” or just general abusive, controlling behavior? Since he’s so into being an MRA, I’m sure he has.

It can be extremely dangerous for a woman to be frank and tell a man he didn’t sexually satisfy her. Sometimes, women are afraid the guy is going to snap and hurt her if she doesn’t constantly feed his ego in bed, but this whining TIMcel never thought of that, I suppose.

Did he seriously just frame the orgasm gap as another way women shit on men, omg. I can't

Right?! Even among MRAs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that deranged argument! Leave it to a TIMcel, I guess. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Men act like women refusing them access to our own bodies is depriving them of something they’re entitled to. Yeah I hate them and I’m glad they’re as miserable as they are. Reading this actually made my day.

I would like to say that I fully support this guy punishing women by never having sex with a woman again.

[–] Carrots90 27 points Edited

Worse yet, he would really teach us a lesson by being the sex receptacle for all these men instead of us

I mean, TransWomen are Women so I’m sure nobody will even notice that we menstruators have shut off the tap

Ha!! Checkmate Cis gals

[–] realityismykink 16 points Edited

Why doesn't this TIM just fuck other TIMs? No need to worry about pregnancy and they're totally real "women" and everything, so he has no reason not to.

ETA: And bro, let's be honest, you weren't getting laid when Roe V. Wade was still law, were you?

“How is this fair?”

He might as well be asking how is it fair that women have to contend with unwanted pregnancies. Is he surprised that us losing rights has consequences on our behaviors? Welcome to post-Roe v Wade reality, dude.

"My support for women's rights is conditional on them fucking me."

"Women are avoiding forced pregancies by saying no to sex...... how is that fair to meeeee"

"Women would love to mutilate men" ???

This guy is a TIM who repeatedly rages against TERFS and radfems, calling them “the scum of the earth,” as bad as “abusers, pedophiles, and rapists”


Here he is just 4 months ago on r/MensRights showing his full incel ass.


Archived: https://archive.ph/CCvoE

Good news for his trans ass! He can go fuck all those men we won’t. He’s welcome. Xo - feminists

To libfems reading- that little voice in the back of your head telling you these incels in thigh highs are incels is right.

Also, it’s okay to admit to yourself that women do not act like this. You never see women ranting and raving like this because they can’t get laid. This is maladjusted male kind of thing.

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