Keffals is in a really tentative position, and, if played smart, could do a lot to 'unpeak' people, simply by being a dude in a dress who got something relatively note worthy done (crash the stalker site)

...but nope! He is trans, after all. So now that he's in the public spotlight, of course his bad take factory is going to continue production. It's frustrating to read something absolutely bonkers like this, but journalists, website hosts, the average user, etc. are all now going to visit Keffals twitter to see what the hubbub about KF is, and read shit like that.

It's a problem that solves itself really. These people are insane.

Yup. Just sit back and watch these people dig themselves deeper into the hole.

They just can't help themselves - they gotta keep digging. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯