He also didn't like the scrutiny over his old grooming server on discord, and the fact that he peddles bathtub hormones to minors, so this tracks! 🤡

Only thing that's gonna take that freak down is criminal charge brought by his victims. Though I'm sure depraved men and their handmaiden will try to justify anything and everything.

Non-TIPs would be instantly fired and borderline arrested or beaten to death by parents but it's a white pedo man so like priests we'll just watch it happen

If an actual woman dressed this way, she'd get written up, at the least.

You're still a man, Keffals.

Comparing fetish gear to a woman’s natural body. Every time I think I can’t possibly be more disgusted…

No real woman would ever wear those. So the point is moot.

[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 9 points

Hell, if a real woman had natural breasts that big, she'd be BEGGING her health insurance to give her a reduction.

[–] spw 15 points

Maybe there wouldn't be as much scrutiny as "if she were 'cis'" this wouldn't happen in the first place?

Yeah how many "cis" women don fetishwear to teach shop? Is it NONE?

[–] no- 15 points

Of course he doesn’t. If people think about it for 2 seconds, they might realize there’s no real difference between a fetishistic crossdresser and any particular TIM besides optics.

[–] Genevieve 15 points Edited

10 thousand people liked that post. Ten thousand. How insanely absurd.

He knows it's ridiculous. They love using terms that women say, "scrutinizing our bodies". He wouldn't be scrutinized if he didn't wear giant prosthetic breasts. The women who's breasts are actually that large, and happen to teach, didn't dress like that. They know what it's like to get the unwanted attention and scrutiny, which they want to avoid, so they don't dress to purposely call attention to themselves.

The way they reframe everything to seem like discrimination is not only pathetic, but an insult to people that face actual discrimination. He is doing this to himself!

I just checked back now, and as of right now, almost 22,000 people liked it... 😒

He wouldn't be scrutinized if he didn't wear giant prosthetic breasts.

Exactly! What they hell! They are all talking as though this dude is somehow forced to strap a pair of obscene offensive sex toys to his torso. As though this is just the natural state of things. SMH.

A woman whose breasts were actually that large would: 1)Wear a bra, a big unsexy one, to mitigate the pain and reduce the movement to look more "seemly" 2) Wear something loose and baggy to avoid calling more attention to herself 3) Get a reduction. 4) Rarely, go into porn. But 1 and 2 would still be part of her everyday lifestyle.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 14 points Edited

Lucas Roberts - the rich white male TIM, with a history he wants deleted of mailing sex toys and DIY hormones to teen boys on discord - is pulling a GWB "Mission Accomplished".

He's pretty stupid to both taking credit and money for the work that other, smarter people with more altruistic reasons to take down KF and being the face of widespread cyber-criminal activity. DDOSing and hacking are illegal, kiddies. He's also really stupid to keep bringing attention to himself with his criminal past, but I guess fame and scam money are too good to pass up.

This man also fled the country after his hard drive was confiscated by the police.

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