Are there any cases in Iran where TIMs are being arrested and beaten to death , raped and oppressed in the same way women of Iran have been ? Knowing the media, they would be having a frenzy over poor, innocent “trans women” being rounded up by the morality police in the same way women are. Trans Youtubers would be blasting those stories over every platform too. I think that the TIMs in Iran would be “boy modding” 24/7 because they can utilise their male privilege.

Not getting beaten up for not wearing hijab means transwomen's womanhood isn't being recognised, and that's much worse than being beaten up for wearing hijab. Not getting beaten up and raped is the true oppression here.

Thoughts and prayers for those stunning and brave trans women not being beaten to death for not wearing a hijab. Their oppression is truly heart breaking 😔