Oh fuck these disgusting misogynists. How DARE they. There is no such thing as “cis” or “trans” only male and female and it is dead fucking clear which sex has the privilege.

I'm sorry, but isn't Iran where homosexuals are forcibly medically transitioned?

Yes. They are forcefully sterilized for being gay or they face the death penalty. There is a very serious issue to be addressed here, but the TRAs are too braindead to see what's really going on and instead take it to this level of bullshittery.

It drives me crazy that when a sensible law passes somewhere, like how men can’t play on women’s sports teams, TRAs say shit about how even Iran has trans rights. That really shows how little they care about the LGB they leeched onto.

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 20 points

Literally nobody in the west wants TIM's to wear hijab. Some of them even get off on it.

One reply so far, complaining that JKR 'suddenly cared' about Iran, after not tweeting about Roe. Whatever you do, TRAs always complain it's not good enough and not enough about them.

I think also Americans are so used to having everything be about them... Like if you don't live in America, you are used to no one but people in your country caring or knowing about your country's problems...

I’m not American, but it was huge global news so it does seem like she decided to opt out of that conversation deliberately. I think it’s more a case that she had nothing new to add to it though, and doesn’t post for the sake of it.

Excuse me while I continue to not waste my time or energy giving a shit about Iranian men.

Death Eaters face double discrimination because witches and wizards don't like them AND muggles fear them so Dumbledore and his army can get stuffed!

I find it's helpful to provide a text version of images, don't you?

Are there any cases in Iran where TIMs are being arrested and beaten to death , raped and oppressed in the same way women of Iran have been ? Knowing the media, they would be having a frenzy over poor, innocent “trans women” being rounded up by the morality police in the same way women are. Trans Youtubers would be blasting those stories over every platform too. I think that the TIMs in Iran would be “boy modding” 24/7 because they can utilise their male privilege.

Not getting beaten up for not wearing hijab means transwomen's womanhood isn't being recognised, and that's much worse than being beaten up for wearing hijab. Not getting beaten up and raped is the true oppression here.

Thoughts and prayers for those stunning and brave trans women not being beaten to death for not wearing a hijab. Their oppression is truly heart breaking 😔

[–] furyosa MERF 7 points

I have not heard of it, but seeing as Iran likes to 'trans the gay away' I wouldn't be totally surprised if the HSTS are under the same oppressive morality policing as women. As for the AGPs, yeah, no, they're definitely boy moding themselves away from the riots and morality police.

Yeah, I suppose the feminine men who were transed with death threats hanging over their heads will be policed, too, at least when they are with their boyfriends. Probably a 50/50 chance on whether the "morality" police beats them up for being gay or for not being veiled.

(Not sure whether Iran can actually enforce anything on transed men in every day life - they'd have to ask for a passport to know if that specific feminine looking man is gay and was transed and thus has to wear hijab.)

So it begins once again. A crisis breaking news internationally is momentarily taking attention away from themselves and the fact that they're Trans, so they must take action to remind us all who really matters here.

Does Iran force homosexual women to transition? All the stories and comments I see about this heinous practice is about transwomen.