Thats the problem.

This is one kid, but she is a member of an entire generation of college students who have no critical thinking skills. This group cannot consider or tolerate alternative viewpoints but can only parrot back arguments from the group they are most terrified of upsetting.

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Actually I had to explain this same rule to a deputy head who is also sendco/dsl and a fucking English teacher recently. And who must be 50 ish, so did her English degree before my late 90s one. Where the professors were very firm that they in formal language is plural only. That unisex is she/he or he/she because substituting they is one of the worst grammar mistakes because it confuses meaning.

So lacking critical thinking skills has somehow filtered upwards. Even in those who would have learned this before I did.

(Among all the other awful things gender ideology has done, making the whole world THIS FUCKING STUPID is another irksome camel back straw)