[–] Yemaya 19 points Edited

They/them for a singular person will never catch on. And when they claim that we already do it, no not really. We might say “they” when someone’s sex is unknown meaning that it could be EITHER a male or female, a he or a she.

Using “they” for someone who is known is confusing as hell and my brain always goes to someone talking about multiple people.

If it confuses native English speakers imagine how it is for people learning the language. FFS.

[–] a-witch-a-broad 12 points Edited

The well-meaning advice of "just imagine your enby friend has a mouse in their pocket and you're talking about both of them!" comes irresistibly to mind.

No way, was that said seriously?

It probably is helpful advice lol. What about imagining them as Sméagol/Gollum?