I know they doesn't work in this context but the singular they IS a thing, when you don't know the sex of who you're speaking about or it's a generic singular person. They left their coat here, the parent must guide their child, etc. Bit of a pet peeve when people act like the singular they is so ridiculous when we use it every day.

You know, I actually respect this student. They're not screaming about feelings; they're writing a rebuttal using sources and taking care not to seem hostile. I absolutely loved students like this when I was teaching, even if they were wrong. They're learning how to defend their ideas academically. I always wanted my students to know it was okay to challenge their teachers as long as they were polite. That's how you actually learn something, not just by deferring to your teachers because they must know best.

I'm somewhat curious what the poem was. I bet it used pronouns and the kids just thought he'd make a statement instead of figuring out the context.

I think judging by this child’s level of intellect it was Ladels and Jellyspoons.

Oh, please educate your English teacher on grammar. Next up, visit your local tribe's reservation community center and educate them on how to be inclusive to non-binary two-spirits. Do it. I dare you.

She's not going to feel attacked, she's going to roll her eyes and want to tell you to shut up.

I hope someone replies explaining to this kid that while yes they can be used in the singular in English that is only correct if we don’t know the sex of the person. The teacher is correct in that they is improper in this instance. All this confusion about they makes me wonder what is happening to education requirements to take a second language. Once you learn a language like French where even they is “gendered” it becomes quite clear how ridiculous using they to erase sex is.

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This always tickles me. Someone on reddit always throws out examples like, "I talked to the manager, and they said they'd reimburse me!" They never pause a second to deconstruct the sentence and realize "they" is used because it's referencing the company as a whole/speaking on behalf of a group of people (or it's an unknown, like you are pointing out).

Everything, EVERYTHING about the gender movement is so superficial and basic, and THEY be acting like they uncovered some secret wisdom from long ago, when really it's just a bunch of kids and stunted adults making shit up as they go along.

Edit: nvm, looks like a few ladies down below beat me to the punch 😂 I do love a good grammer beatdown, though.

OP is apparently German, so s/he is already presumably working with a language that has a built-in masculine/feminine structure.

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They is correct if we don’t know the sex of the person and it is colloquial language.

Formal language unisex or unknown sex should be she/he or he/she.

One and only grammar rule I managed to pick up during my honours MA in English Literature because every single professor battered it into all of us by hauling us up in front of the class for lazy language every time we used they to mean the gender neutral reader.

They in formal writing detracts from meaning very quickly. Try reading (or writing) a novel/essay/play or whatever, with a group scene using both they for plural and they for the unisex character/person. Meaning disappears almost instantly.

I am no grammar pedant but this bugs the fucking hell out of me, because kids will write as they speak. Communication should not be turned into nonsense.

Try reading (or writing) a novel/essay/play or whatever, with a group scene using both they for plural and they for the unisex character/person. Meaning disappears almost instantly.

It makes it almost completely unreadable. As soon as there's more than one person in the scene, it gets you into this "Huh? Who are we talking about now? The enby or both of them?" situation incredibly quickly. That might be the saving grace of literature: that serious authors realize it's more important to put out work that makes sense than including virtue-signalling nonsense.

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These people are always so solipsistic that they think their reality and understanding of history is the only one that exists and the rest of us are NPC's.

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