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What are they talking about, I'm assuming it's bizarre hyperbole and lying as usual but what's the context?

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All I can think of is that if JKR had given the support demanded by that post, these same people would be screaming at her for being a British woman daring to get involved in Irish politics. There’s no winning for her.

ETA: I just noticed that this is from Northern Ireland. Which kinda made me roll my eyes even harder, as abortion laws are actually better on the the island than in Great Britain. That just makes the tweet even more nonsensical. I swear, they’ll blame her for anything. It’s a bit cloudy. Looks like JKR is transphobically controlling the weather again. (I adore you, Jo! Please excuse the sarcasm!)

Oh yes. Everyone knows that the people most in need of the traumatizing, draining, and difficult work that goes into supporting abortion rights are trans-identified males.

How dare we not include and center them?

(True, AfCD might have been referring to TiFs but JKR has stated over and over again that she has no beef with them and that they shouldn't be excluded from women's services because they're still female and therefore women .)

What're they trying to refer to, about targeting Irish feminists?