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I just watched part of the latest season of Blown Away (glassblowing competition show on Netflix), and there’s a “non-binary” woman
on there (Grace) who basically just looks like a female version of 1980s Weird Al Yankovich and clearly is a WOMAN of course. I mean, you do you with the fashion, that’s great, but you are a woman not a walking manifestation of genderwoo.

The judges kept awkwardly talking about “oh, they had a little trouble with this piece because their first round of glass shattered. I hope they keep up the excellent work” or whatever and it was all very cringey with the grammatical weirdness of turning her into plural people, lol.

This woman had to bring up that she was “enby” constantly. She had some interesting pieces, but the enby crap was distracting— very much “look at me, look at me”!

How do you tell if someone is non binary?

Don't worry, they'll tell you repeatedly