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Men seriously do not realize that they as a class are so bad at sex, that “sleeping with whoever you want” is NOT an appealing thing to women. Sex with men is often painful, traumatizing, and unenjoyable.

He can start working as an escort for men right now I bet. Get transed and he can starting selling that butthole in no time.

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“Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.”

That’s a man saying. They have no fucking idea. They really think sex work is kind of like being paid to eat low quality pizzas.

Why is he wishing he could be an escort? If it's so great, why doesn't he put himself out there and do it?

Men who think prostitution is fun or empowering for women never cease to infuriate me. It's clear that they have absolutely no ability to empathize with women in these situations at all. And no critical thinking skills, either.

High-end escorts who get to pick their clients are a small minority of women working in prostitution.

"Power/control over men," that belief about sex work is so indicative of how they view sex. It's not a loving exchange between two consenting people, it's a submission of power. If they ever want sex work to be as acceptable as they imagine it, they'd need to remove that sigma, but then, in a society were men don't have power issues over sex, prostitution wouldn't happen anyway.

Bottom line is he's a sick fuck like most dudes who consider using sex workers.