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The state of being damaged doesn't mean the same thing as morally sinful, which is what I think he's accusing us of saying (because he's maliciously stupid). Damaged is neutral in terms of morality, unless you damage someone else or encourage someone to damage themselves (as is being done to kids with this gender shit)

When I was 12 if you told me I could take a pill that would make me infertile I would be like, "YAS! I NEVER want babies. Ew sex is gross, I'm never doing THAT"

I ended up wanting a kid at 33 after years of being childfree.

Children cannot make these decisions. They absolutely cannot. They simply don't have the brain development or life experience. I don't think any of these surgeries should be done until age 25 but then surgeons wouldn't be making fucking bank on mutilation surgeries. Also it's not just infertility for women - it's having your fucking uterus atrophy in some cases.

yep, i was convinced i didn't want a kid when i was young. i had anorexia and drug problems that caused amenorrhea for over a decade. now i want kids and its not happening, and i fully accept that my mental illnesses caused damage that i now regret hugely.

completely agree that brain should be fully developed before these decisions are made (and full development cannot occur when using puberty blockers, so without those) and more information should be provided about the risks of these treatments. you're right that its not just infertility. the atrophy means they often need hysterectomies, which puts them at higher risk of alzheimers. sex hormones have receptors all over the body, fucking about with them can complicate many things.

I ended up wanting a kid at 33 after years of being childfree

So it happens.

What do you think of those women in their early twenties who want to have a bisalp or an hysterectomy?

I'm all for "her body her choice" but I can't stop to think it is a bad idea. It is a piece of you! Who knows how it will influence your health! Also, you're only 22 goddammit, you're so young! Your life goals in your twenties aren't the same as in your thirties and fourthies!

This. It's like libfems who get offended when people say "women are weaker than men." It's not people saying we're mentally weaker or morally weaker. It's people saying we're physically, biologically weaker, and it's not self-hate to admit that because it's just a morally neutral fact.

I mean, among the defining characteristics of life is the capacity to reproduce. That doesn't mean that people who can't reproduce aren't alive, it means that they are damaged.

Fucking eye roll. Why do they try these corny, stupid "gotchas"

There's a huge difference between a healthy adult finding out they're infertile and a healthy child being rendered infertile and placed on lifelong meds by medical professionals

Rapists are damaged. So are their victims.

Interesting that Eli uses "we" when referring to trans youth. Does a 27 year old still count as a "youth" these days? I wonder if Eli continues to date "youth".

I have no doubt he's still using his position in the trans community to groom and abuse minors.

“Damaged” is an action verb in trans youth, not an adjective

The Medical field, greedy corporations, creepy Twitter posters, etc have actively damaged trans youth