I know so many women who are obsessed with football. These regressive, sexist assholes need to hit the road

Do you live down south or in a football crazy area? I hated Texas because they were football crazy religious nuts.

"I transitioned because it was easier than admitting to my fellow dudebros that I don't like sports."

If this was made by a trans person for real, then it just shows again how they shape their identity around performing sexist stereotypes.

It is possible for a person's interests to change over time, and the desire to participate in things is also affected by one's current mood and life circumstances. That's obvious. But in this case it's a conscious attempt to adapt one's interests into what is deemed acceptable for their adopted gender role stereotypes.

How blind can they be?

It's like when I took some personality test and then found myself trying to change my behaviour so that it will fit into the results of the test. Someone else told me how I should behave and I followed it. Transgenderism is exactly that, where the "instructions" come from their echo chamber group and sexist stereotypes of behaviour.

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They act out stereotypes because it's all they have.