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What the fuck. I have ADHD and I am not a fucking bimbo. I'm smart, I have a good career, and I am responsible. This man is an idiot and it has nothing to do with his probably self diagnosed and imagined condition and his horse piss estrogen.

I know it's not the only problem here, but I'm so fucking sick of this bimbo shit.

I am an an actual woman with ADHD and autism, not sure how that, uh, makes me a "bimbo"? What the fuck

It's another way they try to victimize themselves. I have ADHD as well. I think these people just try to latch onto those labels in an attempt to find any excuse to avoid taking responsibility for themselves, face their problems, and make real changes in their lives.

Self-identifying as "trans" is another way to achieve this. Saying "I'm trans, so everything is rigged against me. I can't do anything anyway" is a way to avoid having to do real work on oneself, and in one's life.

Wow, thats offensive. Just... wow. Tells us all exactly how these creeps see actual women with adhd or who are autistic.