LOLOL seeing his actual face next to his little photoshopped portrait photo in the bottom corner is hilarious. Like one of those Spiderman-taking-off-his-glasses memes IRL.

Yeah, he looks like a young Britney Spears in the small pic and like Bob the Builder in a blond wig in the large one.

Meanwhile, the lesbian drag queen who had to leave after the second episode following an injury last season, doesn't seem to have been invited back as early outs usually are on RPDR...

Not that I give a hoot, because I don't watch, but it's kind of funny that the only female drag queen (who made a big deal of shouting "FUCK TERFs!" while on stage at a Pride event this year 💩) in the franchise thus far isn't getting a second chance at the competition and this dude is filling the "woman" spot, instead.

(Plz don't judge me too hard for all my secondhand knowledge, my brother used to watch RPDR religiously before he noticed the vast majority of these guy's drag personas were "sluts", "bitches", and "bimbos". 🥴)

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A man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?

One of the recent seasons on the US drag race has lowkey peaked my mother. One transwoman going in, and three or four coming out. If that’s not evidence it’s a social contagion, I’m not sure what is.

How does he make his shoulders look small?

It’s odd because he still looks like a man

His body is unattractive, that's why. He's got weird proportions. Probably went through the incel to trans pipeline.

Also: Trans "girl?" This is a grown ass man.

Totally not a fetish…but they always gotta be bimbified porn characters

Right? The shoulders look small but his head is massive. Look at the size of that melon, it's absolutely gargantuan! He looks like he's LARPING as Cindy Brady.

I thought he looked like he was an extra on Little House On the Prairie. That outfit looks like what a 12-year-old would wear circa 1880.