"Why are there women's spaces in the first place" "Because women need safe places away from men" "Why don't trans people make their own safe spaces then, just like we had to, away from all of us TERFS and men? Safe places were not always there, women had to fight for their own spaces."



I still don’t understand how opening up the women’s room to men is the solution

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"extreme fatphobia towards a fictional child" lmao they're acting as if Dudley, a person who does not exist, is a victim.

Surprised Reddit even still allows this subforum to continue existing. I recall reading some years ago in the newspaper, a study that pointed to the body-positive/fat acceptance movement as a stumbling block to counteracting rising rates of diabetes. The study authors were then piled on by social media mobs for "insulin shaming" amid accusations that the American Diabetes Association was an organization rooted in colonial white supremacy.

How these anti-public-health, pro-disease groups are treated any differently than anti-vaxers is beyond me.

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From deep in the comments (https://archive.ph/w6sAQ), bolded emphasis mine:

Furthermore, trans kids aren't being given medications that will medically transition them - that's just rhetoric people are using to pretend that their concern is for children and excuse their transphobia. The actual treatment being used for trans kids is letting them present as their preferred gender and sometimes includes prescribing hormone blockers, which will simply delay puberty as long as the medication is taken.

So trans kids aren't being given medications that will medically transition them. They're just sometimes being given hormone-blocking medications that will help medically transition them by medically delaying their puberty.

TOTALLY different.

And these medications will 100% of the time lead them into taking wrong sex hormones

Since you aren’t just letting them develop normally.

As opposed to those other studies which show where 70-90% desist if given actual mental health support and let their bodies process puberty in a natural healthy fashion

Downthread someone writes that she's evil because she purportedly supports the "neoliberal status quo." Proof positive that all the JKR hate is just making shit up. "JKR is Literally Hitler because she's Literally Thatcher." 🤦‍♀️

If I had a nickel for every oh-so-edgy Terminally Online cosplay communist who uses the word "neoliberal" as a slur without even knowing what it means.... I'd have no money whatsoever. These virtue-signaling idiots were insufferable when they were parading around college campuses in $250 Che Guevara shirts made in third-world countries, and they're even worse now.

I hate capitalism, I'm very leftist in terms of economy. But JKR is the perfect example of someone who earned each and every penny honestly. She didn't exploit poor workers in third-world countries. She sat down, and used her imagination to create these amazing books that forever changed lives of whole generations of kids around the world. Good for her.

I wondered what happened to the Che Guevara goons, lol


We need some sort of spray repellent to keep them away

There are a lot of TIFs in r/fatlogic, from personal experience.

Well, I’m hoping they will listen to the people who seem sick of the JKR bashing

Some of them are really far gone. I remember one saying she would kill herself if she didn’t get a phalloplasty and her boyfriend, doctor, and therapist all were aware of that. She was scheduled for the next month or something 😢.