"miscarriage loophole" fucking hell not a phrase i ever expected or want to see.

do they not realise how many pregnancies end in miscarriage? and how distressing it is? its not a fucking loophole its a natural, and often devastating, occurrence.

It's not really common knowledge for young people and men I think - it definitely wasn't taught in my early 2010s high school sex ed, and I didn't know until I started reading mom forums one day at like age 21 and saw people "praying for a sticky baby this time" or discussing chemical pregnancy.

Horrifying. But the death penalty should be applied to the person who inseminated a woman who did not want to be pregnant. I think that would stop abortion in its tracks, don't you? Occam's Razor and all that?

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A clump of cells that isn't in any way capable of living on its own yet should not be punished for its father being a rapist (even though it would never even know) but the woman carrying it should, apparently. They might as well outright say that they only care about the embryo because it might be male.

I’ve already told my therapist that if i ever got raped and forced to bear the fetus, with no possibility of terminating the pregnancy, i’d fucking kill it as soon as it was born. This is horrible, but even the hypothesis of being raped and then impregnated against my will send me in a HUGE meltdown. Imagine then the state of my illness after 9 months of not being able to take my meds and all the post-partum depression shit. That if I’d be able to survive this whole thing. And I live in a country which abortion is illegal and any sterilization is HIGHLY bureaucratic and hard.

We need to run more female candidates, and we need to vote more women into office. Because the person who is forcibly inseminating women is the person who should bear the consequences for the unwanted pregnancies rather than the person who is fucking carrying a pregnancy that could cost her her life, her livelihood, her happiness, her financial stability -- everything.

Men are never held accountable for any of their actions, and it's long past time for that to change.

Unfortunately, I found these comments to a video of a woman in office who’s not pro-choice. https://youtu.be/h5JcJH_SZwU

The only reason she argued for the rape loophole is because it happened to her. She doesn’t recognize all other evidence of people saying abortion restrictions have decreased their standard of care (probably because if she didn’t experience it first hand, then it must not be true).