Wow, they sure fooled me. I thought they really was a woman. What an acter!

The character she is playing is a massive victim of patriarchy. So much so that if her character could just identify as a man, the whole story would never even be told.

That she doesn’t see the irony is hysterical.

So if a “cis” person plays trans it’s literal violence but she can play women even if she somehow isn’t one.

They talk to Annabel Nugent about why people should let them do their job [and] arriving as the audience grieves their predecessor

Please stop fucking up the English language with this utterly nonsensical pronoun mess. I couldn't GAF about this idiotic woman and what parts she does/doesn't want to play, but think my brain is going to pour out of my ears if I have to read another sentence like this in my life.

Soo she doesn't want to be a woman, but still accepts roles meant for women and praises herself for her ability to pretend to be a woman, as if she's above us mortals whose defining traits are dumb sexist stereotypes...

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What a reach. You had to wear a dress which all women love

Not only that, you had to wear a cumbersome, hot, stiff, socially ascribed dress which women love, despite the fact you don’t find it comfortable, because clearly you aren’t a woman.

And imagine having to playact a woman, someone whose birthright is in danger of being passed to someone else, just because you were born the wrong sex. Someone who was judged for rumored sexual dalliances when nobody would have blinked had you been a male.

Luckily, you aren’t a woman, so this would not have affected you. I’m surprised you were able to get into the role though

I can still enjoy the show with her in it because regardless of what she says, she is a woman and that's that. She's a woman playing a woman and that's what the show requires of her.

She sounds like she would be absolutely terrible to be around in real life though.