A reminder to any lurking TIM’s

Women DON’T have penises, ever, no women have a penis. If you have a penis then you are not a woman. A frankencock is not any kind of vagina. A lesbian is a female homoSEXual and will NEVER want you.

As a Bi woman I am SO SICK of Bi women who pretend to be lesbians. If you have consensual sex with a male, however he identifies, you are definitively NOT a lesbian.

I second this as another bi woman. I'm also sick of these kinds of people thinking we as bisexuals should also automatically be okay with dating TiMs or TiFs. No thank you

Ikr! I’d rather be celibate than touch a TIP. Especially TIM’s 😒

That you have to even say this just proves how insane the world has gotten.