A reminder to any lurking TIM’s

Women DON’T have penises, ever, no women have a penis. If you have a penis then you are not a woman. A frankencock is not any kind of vagina. A lesbian is a female homoSEXual and will NEVER want you.

As a Bi woman I am SO SICK of Bi women who pretend to be lesbians. If you have consensual sex with a male, however he identifies, you are definitively NOT a lesbian.

I second this as another bi woman. I'm also sick of these kinds of people thinking we as bisexuals should also automatically be okay with dating TiMs or TiFs. No thank you

Ikr! I’d rather be celibate than touch a TIP. Especially TIM’s 😒

That you have to even say this just proves how insane the world has gotten.

Why can’t TIMs just accept there’s an entire sexual orientation that doesn’t revolve around their crusty, limp dicks ? It’s like it physically pains them to think a woman couldn’t or wouldn’t find their dicks attractive.

“B-but the mouthfeel🥺” “ muh feminine penis “ “Organic strap” “ dick attached to a woMAN” I’m sick of these men colonising spaces women have carved out for themselves and always bringing conversations back to their egos , validation and dicks.

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TIMs are so foul. No, your gross, drippy, floppy weiner is also not wanted.

"Sometimes a dick also comes with the beautiful woman." No. That has never happened in the history of mankind because women do not have a phallus

Sometimes a dick also comes with the beautiful woman 💁🏼‍♀️

No, no it does not. That is called a man.

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If a beautiful woman (or any woman) has a dick it’s one she chopped of some man and kept in a jar.

I would love to try dick… from a girl of course.

These rare comments that make me feel a bit less horrible about being a transfem. Thanks

They're not rare.

Wake up babe, time for the daily trans exclusionary post on r/actuallesbians!

Yes, it is, babe <3

Why don't they fuck each other? Plenty of dick in that situation. How do they know they don't like it if they never tried it?

Going by that comment section I would say that they do like penises. A lot.

You don't have to try getting cancer to know you would never want it. Same thing with dick.

That's a dumb comparison.

No one has to try dick if they don't want, but cancer is a disease that only brings misery. People actually do have fun with dicks.

I'm lesbian. Probably should have mentioned that. For a lesbian, it's an apt comparison.

You were fine regardless.

And it was pretty obvious what you meant

Someone was having a bad day

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Penises are yucky and I will not have sex with them.

Real talk tho, bisexual women who defend lesbians and our spaces and are proud to call themselves bisexuals get so much respect from me. ESPECIALLY the Kinsey 5 bisexuals, you guys deserve the world.

Oh wow, I don't think I've ever seen so much TIM cope in one comment section before! 💀