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The barrier to entry to be QT is so low I think even Barbie meets it

All she has to say is that she would totally date Teresa in some universe, so yeah

I'm going to interpret this to mean she catfishes lesbians and bisexual women on dating apps for threesomes with her boyfriend.

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What the fuck is an "anchor partner"?

It seems to be a part of polyamorous culture : https://www.readyforpolyamory.com/polyamory-glossary

A polyamorous person's " main partner " in other words...

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So basically the "first wife" in polygamy - aka women who experienced unbelievable pain and suffering

What the fuck is femme-inflected?

Leaning towards conventionally feminine in her presentation I guess. Hence, people mistaking her non-binary self for a "cis" woman.

How do these people come up with all the conflated ways of saying "non-binary" or other words we already have? I swear I learn a new QT word everyday from some random Twitter profile. I guess it's just so they can have a fancy gender in their profile.

I think it means she wears feminine clothes, make up etc... She is not a butch in other words...

femme inflicted non binary

Aka a a femmine girl who doesn't want others to think she's a female despite being and behaving like a typical female. Trying to be not like other girls by opting yourself out of girlhood altogether

I know that there's another meaning to it but I do think the term anchor partner is suitable when used by a woman for a man as male partners often do weigh women down.

the absolute mindcircles.

"my anchor partner" ffs, such mental illness