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Why do they have to turn EVERYTHING into meaningless buzzwords? "Follow the money" here really means nothing more than "them bad". The person saying it obviously hasn't "followed the money" or has any intention of ever doing do, nor do they want the person they're telling to "follow the money" to do any such thing.

Other once-useful concepts they stripped of all meaning:

  • Divide and conquer

  • Dogwhistle

  • Problematic

  • Fascist

  • Nazi

  • Genocide

  • Women

  • Lesbian

  • Homophobe

  • Heterosexism

  • Harm

  • Violent

  • Nuance

  • Complexity

  • Literal

  • Empathy

  • Kindness

  • Community

  • Cult

  • Inclusive

  • Adjacent

  • Gender
  • intersectional

Also, when am I getting my check?

I'd just like to add, whenever I hear the word "problematic" these days I throw my head back, gnash my teeth, and tear my fingernails into my flesh. Go into a berserker rage, as you do.

I have that reaction with "harm". "Preventing harm" is just empty words you can throw other people's way to strongarm them into accepting harm. It drives me absolutely insane.