I don't know about sewing divisions but we have a knitting division. It's got cats in. Also, where's my cash money payment for thinking and saying women are female?

All the comments here are hilarious, and yours is my favorite


Thank you, my lovely sapient tuber/knitting witchbabe/fellow well-paid operative.

I’m secretly a crochet gal🙂

I actually have a terf flag colored scarf I made. I’m wondering if presenting it on here.. and then wearing it in public would be a bad idea lol

It’s just that I make so much money from my TERFvestments , I can buy several skein’s of yarn, especially when on sale.

Damnit. I came here to say a variety of this, but you beat me to it. Actually, I just ordered a needle felting kit. I think stabbing wool might be fun. Not sure about profit though.

The jokes write themselves. We're just the vessels. Felting does sound fun! You can make little animals and figurines, right? I am learning needlebinding, which is neat because it's thousands of years old.