You ever think the ideology that makes you spend around 200k to "unlock your true self" after making you excommunicate all sinful aquaintances, constantly discourages asking questions etc. might be a bit more culty. In a practical sense?

I've heard it's 1.5 million over a lifetime if they start in their teens.

"You guys are getting paid?"

We have dozens of dollars! Dozens!

I found a dime in the dryer this morning!

I found two quarters and a dime on the street a couple days ago. They'll be sorry they ever messed with us!

There was never a situation where that meme fit more perfectly than this one. 😄

[–] GenderHeretic 50 points Edited

Why do they have to turn EVERYTHING into meaningless buzzwords? "Follow the money" here really means nothing more than "them bad". The person saying it obviously hasn't "followed the money" or has any intention of ever doing do, nor do they want the person they're telling to "follow the money" to do any such thing.

Other once-useful concepts they stripped of all meaning:

  • Divide and conquer

  • Dogwhistle

  • Problematic

  • Fascist

  • Nazi

  • Genocide

  • Women

  • Lesbian

  • Homophobe

  • Heterosexism

  • Harm

  • Violent

  • Nuance

  • Complexity

  • Literal

  • Empathy

  • Kindness

  • Community

  • Cult

  • Inclusive

  • Adjacent

  • Gender
  • intersectional

Also, when am I getting my check?

I'd just like to add, whenever I hear the word "problematic" these days I throw my head back, gnash my teeth, and tear my fingernails into my flesh. Go into a berserker rage, as you do.

I have that reaction with "harm". "Preventing harm" is just empty words you can throw other people's way to strongarm them into accepting harm. It drives me absolutely insane.

I don't know about sewing divisions but we have a knitting division. It's got cats in. Also, where's my cash money payment for thinking and saying women are female?

All the comments here are hilarious, and yours is my favorite


Thank you, my lovely sapient tuber/knitting witchbabe/fellow well-paid operative.

I’m secretly a crochet gal🙂

I actually have a terf flag colored scarf I made. I’m wondering if presenting it on here.. and then wearing it in public would be a bad idea lol

It’s just that I make so much money from my TERFvestments , I can buy several skein’s of yarn, especially when on sale.

Damnit. I came here to say a variety of this, but you beat me to it. Actually, I just ordered a needle felting kit. I think stabbing wool might be fun. Not sure about profit though.

The jokes write themselves. We're just the vessels. Felting does sound fun! You can make little animals and figurines, right? I am learning needlebinding, which is neat because it's thousands of years old.

Some of us are getting paid!? If any of these money fairies want to write me a check DM me, because I've been out here TERFing for free.

Feminists are notoriously well-funded. /s

[–] redacted 39 points Edited

well we do have that single billionaire openly supporting women.....

.... compared to however many are funding their bullshit behind the scenes, plus the money to be made by pharmaceuticals companies, private health companies, all these peripheries selling like packers and binders and other totally life saving things TIPs need.

[–] malloww 34 points Edited

Bahahaha!!! That same dumbass, after making this claim, then went on the Koch watch subreddit to ask if LGB Alliance is Koch funded. I love it when stupid people think they're smart.

Edit: that whole thread is wild. Apparently we are a cult who abusively enforce membership, and we go into bathrooms to do genital checks on people all the time. We are also rapists and we love gender norms. And, you will be shocked to hear, 95% of the people making these claims are men. The other 5% appear to be straight women. I'm tempted to watch this "documentary" youtube video lots of them are linking just to find out what cult tactics I'm missing out on, but the supposedly damning screenshots on the dude's website are really tame and make me think it's going to be kind of boring...

Where's all my money then? Some Muslims make the same claim about ex-Muslims, so as an ex-Muslim TERF I should be swimming in cash! 🤑

[–] GCRadFem 23 points

TRAS = projection.

Classic divide and conquer has worked well for transgender ideology.

[–] boudica 16 points Edited

Literally every single accusation by TRAs is a projection of their own misdeeds. (Men are notorious for doing this, too... hmmmm.)

My "favorite" is how they have recently started calling GCs a cult, when we've been raising the alarms on how their ideology is very similar to cult-think for years and years. They pull the, "Nuh-uh, you're the one who farted!" reversal all the damn time.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 15 points

Damn, wish I got paid to be a terf. Where do I sign up? I hope this includes back pay, because I’ve been one for years.

I'm actually surprised of the cash left out on the table - the conservative media has not been shy of covering gender ideology topics. But imagine the amount of hoorays the first liberal media will get when they do start talking about the detrans kids, the surgeries, the prisons, the women's shelters, the young athletes silenced or facing expulsion. The first to go for it will get the most out of it, but they know if they go too quick they get cancelled.

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