I wish I was getting paid.

That they think any of us are is laughable.

Just goes to show the whole thing is rooted in misogyny, its the age old - women can’t have their own opinions! Tale as old as time

I'm actually surprised of the cash left out on the table - the conservative media has not been shy of covering gender ideology topics. But imagine the amount of hoorays the first liberal media will get when they do start talking about the detrans kids, the surgeries, the prisons, the women's shelters, the young athletes silenced or facing expulsion. The first to go for it will get the most out of it, but they know if they go too quick they get cancelled.

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Athena5898: They are a cult. Its a long video series but i strong recomend caelan conrad video series on it. Or at least just the one. https://youtu.be/pwI6py78gsI

King Critical made a video debunking Caelan Conrad's "terfs r a cult" series here: https://youtu.be/7QFUXRmWsEs

King Critical's vid is (as always) long, at 1 hr 35 mins, but Caelan's series goes for 5 hours. King Critical noted early on that at no point did Caelan even define terms.

Cha ching, gyns. I'm rolling in...pennies over here.

Okay, seriously lurking TRAs. I very specifically and painfully had to bite my tongue earlier this year during "DEI" training at work, and let's just emphasis the "trans" in that "DEI" acronym, to not lose my job and my ability to house myself and buy food for myself and my two rescue dogs. Clearly I'm the one with all the institutional power around these parts.

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guuuuurl I JUST bought a brand new sowing machine so I could sow not just division, but also discord, strife, and anomie, and still have enough time for a jollibee run afterwards!

and NOW you tell me I coulda just stuck with the ol' Singer and Juki...

not cool frendo, not cool

Once again, I find a real life application for, "I'm rubber and you're glue; What you say bounces off me And sticks to you!"

I am not paid to know women are adult female humans, nor i pay anyone to be an adult female human. Follow the money? Yes, please, follow the money, so I can know where to get it

When we say follow the money, you only have to go as far as the registered price of prescription drugs.

When they say follow the money, they have to share conspiracy theories of paid protestors.

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