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How about stop fetishizing every square inch of a teen girl’s body so that she doesn’t hate her body and want to escape it?

Both bra stuffing (and the extreme surgical equivalent of breast augmentation) and breast binding (and the extreme surgical equivalent of a “gender affirming” mastectomy) are self-harm responses to the inescapable male gaze, maiming the female body.

People don't think that's "natural" either, wtf planet do you live on? Men sexualizing something =/= "people think it's natural"

Pretty sure bras support breast whereas binders literally flattens them. I don’t need to wear a binder to understand that they are more uncomfortable and damaging than bras.

Oooh, I got this:

Ill-fitting (that is, too tight) bras absolutely cause damage to tissue. I have seen pressure injuries caused by overly tight bras as well as girdle type garments.

Binders turn that bug into a feature.

Binding is an unsafe practice for any body part. The only time you should be restricting blood/lymph flow is if you are using a tourniquet to save someone's life.

I have broken capillaries along my bra line. Those wouldn't be there if I wasn't forced to wear bras (I've always hated them). I am small breasted so I prefer to go without, but am afraid of the negative societal consequences of not wearing a bra and being nipply/saggy around men.

I only wear sports bras myself... All other ones are uncomfortable and not to mention cater to the male gaze as well like lingerie... >_<

I use something like a sports bra and a tank top / shelf bra. I've had much less issues with shoulder and back pain and pain across my underbust.

Bras also put strain on shoulders and can pull the shoulders forward which puts strain on the lower back (which is made worse by having a weak core). I've had less pain in my shoulders and back since I switched to a bra that doesn't push my breasts up beyond where they sit naturally (and also doesn't have a tight band constricting my underbust). YMMV

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I would not let my 14 year old buy a bra that was padded beyond what is necessary for support/nipple coverage. Nor would I let her use a binder.

Those are both responses to men sexualizing girls' bodies. Both hypothetical girls have internalized the message that female bodies exist for men.

These dumb ass words. "Trans masc", please just stop it. I hope they look back on this and lament their idiotic language and not the loss of their breasts.