This may be a bit of a tangent, but the way TIMs report this bitter, almost sexually-intense envy of females really creeps me out. I could be wrong, but TIFs don't seem to have that. This is also in the way they talk about periods and pregnancy--that bitter, bitter, weirdly predatory resentment. That more than anything makes me feel like there is no way we should have to trust or share space with them.

Agreed. They want to be us so bad and they're mad at us for being born with XX chromosomes. They literally resent us for existing lol

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 58 points

My guess is he actually is a pedo and is trying to channel that depravity into transing himself. Here's hoping he chops his balls off asap!!

Yeah honestly this seems like he’s finding the best way to cope and I mean good for him…AFAIK there isn’t too much treatment for this

There isn't much research into treating it either. (Like maybe all the "teen" porn is an etiology?) Sexology is more concerned with generating sympathy for paraphiles.

one of my fav sexologists whom I've learned a lot from, made a video which was rife with pedo apology. I couldn't look at her the same way after.

"they're trying to better themselves!" "most pedophiles don't rape children, and a lot of child rapists aren't pedophiles!" "they already hate themselves for being attracted to children, stop making them feel worse!"

fuck that noise. I was sexually assaulted by my uncle from when I was 8 until I was 15, on and off. i have absolutely no sympathy for pedophiles, and nobody owes them ANYTHING. if you truly want to better yourself, you should understand why peopke hate pedophiles, and how it's a VERY GOOD REASON. don't whine about not being allowed around kids, and being socially ostracised.

if pedophelia is normalised, every child's life and wellbeing will be in so much danger.

The silver lining in the whole mess. Pedos chop their balls off, hooray!

Yeah only problem is these AGPs just get top surgery and nothing else. Most of the time, anyway

Yeah dude.

I, too, am often anxious that someone might be a pedophile when I find out they are trans

Wait, is that what you asked?

"Ma'am, ma'am, stop hitting me with the rake. I don't want to touch your daughter, I just want to be her. You know, like I want to experience her life from inside her body. Nothing creepy!!"

[–] GCRadFem 43 points

They constantly and without fail, have to verbalize some perverted thought or feeling out loud and then ask the trans chorus if they ever have the same experience.

Just once, I would really like it if the rest of the gang would reply,”Ooh, gross. Never”.

Yeah, I know it’s a pipe dream.

The worst part is that 90% of the people answering are like "yeah that's totally normal, I've felt it too" instead of "no, please go to therapy"

The handmaidens are the worst with the blatant lying too lmao. "Gurl getting turned on by wearing a skirt is normal, it happens to us gurlz too!!11" as if thinking you look attractive and feeling sexy = getting aroused. Nothing that TIMs describe remotely describes anything I've observed myself, not only from myself but from all the women in my life. It's coping.

[–] yesisaiditxx 8 points Edited

I’m so tired of the coddle culture around these people that’s like “well I do creepy things because of my terrible very bad sad difficult fetish life”…and I’m like, idgaf? Yeah, probably the vast majority of criminals have a background story you could go Wicked or Maleficent about AND that doesn’t mean that justice isn’t deserved for their actions— is that just me? Like damn I am truly tired of that excuse…just because this man wanted to be a young girl doesn’t mean it’s harmless to fixate on young girls.

Plenty of penis-havers don’t seem to think critically about their desires anyhow, so just a little tingle is all some will need to be a potential threat to a little girl, whether or not it’s “just jealousy”. And again, if you’re an adult and you’re jealous of a minor of the opposite sex to the point you feel intensely drawn to them…yes, you are a creep. And no, I don’t care about your sob story as to why. You could always just deal with yourself and try to rise above it, but I guess that’s a boner killer.

’m so tired of the coddle culture around these people that’s like “well I do creepy things because of my terrible very bad sad difficult fetish life”…and I’m like, idgaf? Yeah, probably the vast majority of criminals have a background story you could go Wicked or Maleficent about AND that doesn’t mean that justice isn’t deserved for their actions— is that just me?

Not just you. I'm sick to absolute death of the "cycle of abuse" nonsense -- the idea that these guys are only abusers because someone, somewhere, hurt their feelings at some point. The vast majority of women have suffered at least some abuse at some point in their lives. Some have suffered untold horrors. And yet so few have ever committed the types of crimes random everyday men commit ...

And before some handmaiden pops in to tell me that men "can't express their emotions" or some BS, no tf they do not. Men not being capable of managing their emotions does NOT equal men not expressing their emotions. In fact, I'd say a huge chunk of crime comes from men expressing their emotions -- their anger, rage, jealousy, and so on. Men need to learn to MANAGE their emotions.

Hasn't this cycle of abuse thing been debunked? I read somewhere that while most child abusers claimed to have a very sad backstory ... most of them failed the lie detector test.

(I honestly think that, like many other theories, this one only holds water with women. Like, women who land in prison actually do have a sad backstory very often. "Restorative justice" as concept works ... with female criminals. Applied to male patterns of violence, all this stuff just falls apart. Men just become creeps for no particular reason.)

Yes, it's been debunked, several times in fact.

Here's an article that links to studies, reviews, and so on (but then goes on to talk about "breaking the cycle," so).

I also recently read -- but cannot provide a link because I don't remember where I read it -- that not only are people who are abused, and specifically women, as children more likely to grow up to be revictimized (which has been demonstrated in studies), but their children are also more likely to be victimized as well. In other words, predators are creating a never-ending supply of victims for their own personal enjoyment. And then trying to "identify" into the group as wolves in sheeps' clothing for even greater access to victims.

The "weird emotions" I get when looking at young girls is like watching a kid playing alarmingly close to traffic. Both the trusting, naïve, happy ones, and the ones who are neglected, abused, gun shy...and so vulnerable to someone with nefarious designs on them who might come along and offer them a show of kindness or make them feel appreciated by someone, anyone. I fear for them. Because I was one, and while I got off 'light' compared to what a number of my friends experienced, I still came through it scarred.

These covetous, predatory clowns can fuck all the way off.

So what is this "everything" little girls experience that he wants so bad? I mean specifically.

i hate men for sexualising girls' childhood and female child and adolescent bodies SO FUCKING MUCH. every abrahamic religion does this shit too. I've seen girls forced to wear hijab at like age 6 because Muhammad married Aisha when she was that age.

I recently saw a toddler wearing hijab. She wasn’t even old enough to walk next to mom without falling down and yet she’s covered head to toe. Sorry (I’m not) but if you have to cover a TODDLER to prevent your sinful urges, you’re the scum of the earth. end rant

i remember arguing with my classmates during islam class - if a man gets that way just by seeing my forearms, that's his perversion. there are even men who fetishize hijab, we won't win. and it doesn't prevent men from raping us anyway, since it didn't stop my uncle when i was 15 and covered head to toe.

OMG exactly. What precisely is it that he's imagining when he imagines himself as one of those little girls?

Just vile.

Am I a pedo or trans? I don’t want to be a pedo, so I must be trans! 😂

Why would you ever post this anywhere?

Also considering what we know about AGP this isn’t the relief he thinks it is.

Because at this point it's basically open war. It moved from "we DON'T have weird thoughts around kids" to "there's nothing wrong with having weird thoughts about kids" to now straight-up "so what if we have weird thoughts about kids?" The goalposts move constantly with degenerates.

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