This reminds me of a Arab or middle eastern trans influencer who exposed gay men live on ig because of transphobia they supposedly recieve from gay men in Morocco. One man at least killed himself. Here's the link https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1195866 link

They accuse gay people who criticise their ideology of "wanting trans people DEAD!"

Meanwhile, they're actually sending gay men in oppressive regimes to their deaths and using threats to have them executed to terrorise them into silence.

It's even more ironic considering the fact the guy who did doesn't even live in Morocco in which he exposed men from but left the country to live in turkey. Wonder why?

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This made me want to puke. Fuck trans, they want gay people to be murdered. Fuck.

Interesting. Gay men commit zinna, but trans identified men do not? But it's not another version of conversion therapy, oh no.

It is very blatantly conversion. (I'd say, without the therapy part - chopping off body parts is more extreme than the extremist Christian "will yourself to be hetero" stuff and doesn't really involve any psychology. Just surgery.)

Become a fake woman or be executed.

Most extremely patriarchal cultures have "trans" social roles as a way to alleviate the negative effects of patriarchy on men. Mostly it's about men wanting to fuck people who look like women but aren't another man's female property ... and sometimes girls are allowed to become pseudomen (if there's no man in the family) so that their female relatives don't have to become beggars and make the community look as bad as it is.

That's what this is.

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What is zinna? Google didn’t have an answer for me.

It means fornication or any unlawful sexual activities, which is a major sin in Islam.

Handmaiden L, G, and B’s might support the T, but the T certainly doesn’t support them back.

Reminder that these dudes are constantly trying to actually kill gay people they disagree with straight up fascist methodology (trying to merge state and media into one structure, insinuating atheism/anti-theism are physical attacks against identity)

Just took a look at "she/her"'s profile, this person also has a tweet that's just repeating the phrase "heterosexuality is haram"

Where can trans people not work

Furthermore where can trans people not work that won't immediately cater to their feelings lmfao

They face the same predujice levels as other g(stereotype)nc people.

I don't think this is quite true. This tweet is about Pakistan, which has passed a trans rights bill even though homosexuality is still illegal. There are many regimes around the world like this.

I have no words for how angry this makes me... but I do have an archive link.

Reported, and encourage others to do the same!

Is this Iran or Pakistan? It seems like the #transgenderbill hashtag relates to Pakistan. That dude is disgusting, either way.

Does anyone know what's entailed in the Pakistan trans bill? I googled a bit but the sources all seem very vague. Though it seems many people are opposed to the bill because they think it's a roundabout way to legalise homosexuality. Isn't it weird how many homophobic repressive regimes embrace trans rights?

How absolutely vile. A truly, truly vile creature. Reported!