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I can honestly say, in all my years on this earth, I have never once been told to "make my mouth useful" by way of dick-sucking by a woman. Not women I've been friends with, not women who were my lovers, not even women who hate me! Maybe because women don't have dicks, or something? ...that and we're also not even remotely as inclined toward sexual violence as males, which TIMs always will be! :)

I mean, every woman I know goes around threatening people with her dick. Such feminine, lady like behavior. Obvs.

you have to understand how traumatised they are from being confronted with valid critiques of their beliefs 🥺 rape threats are definitely a complete sensible response to that 🙄

These are the posts most gender cultists deny even exists. And if they do exist, it's a minority. And if it's not a minority, TERFs deserve it anyway.

Never met a woman who wanted to rape a woman with her dick ? 🤔 how unladylike . Every rape threat a TIM makes furthers him from womanhood.