Sorry to be that person but is there a source for this? Sounds a bit off to me.

[–] SaintHedwig 10 points Edited

Agreed. The account is very editorialized (ex: the "gaffe-prone candidate", "he barked", etc).

I'd caution people here to be just as skeptical of accounts that seem "too good to be true" as TiM should be when they share stories of evil "TERFs" harassing poor innocent "transwomen" like the one from yesterday.

EDIT: I watched the video in the linked tweet below. The conversation did indeed happen, but he didn't "bark" or get "heated" IMHO. It was a very chaotic scene with people pressed in all around and camera flashes going off everywhere. It's impossible to have a dialogue in a situation like that. His comments on "at least 3" genders is still stupid, but it doesn't seem TRA malicious like the writeup makes it out to be.

Yeah the video makes this look like a but of opportunistic storytelling to me.

Here's a tweet allegedly showing him grabbing her, apparently this incident was from 2019. Still looking for something better.

[–] GenderHeretic 5 points Edited

It looks like a screencap from this article.

The article links to footage of the incident here: https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1159860307218616320

The descriptor "he barked" is inaccurate, but his words are accurate and he really did grab her by the upper arm when she was walking away and pull her towards him to have the final word.

No, thanks for being "that person", because I didn't believe it either. The president angrily manhandling a citizen would be all over the news.

Biden: There are at least 3 genders.

Female college student: What ... What are they?

Biden, old man yelling: Don't play games with me, kid!

Female college student: ...?

Biden, while shaking her arm in derangement: I SUPPORT GAY PEOPLE

to emphasize his history of support for same-sex marriage

It's insane to me that he does this as if his history of support is in any way particularly impressive. Wikipedia tells me he only started supporting same-sex marriage in 2012. It was already legalized for 9 years in my country at that point.

Id like to see the video if available

I don’t like the sound of ‘grabbing her arm’ tbh

I know a lot of the videos of his gaffe compilations have been taken down, but this is wholly unsurprising after the "kids love my leg hair" thing. Nobody wants to hear me whine but I deeply feel the DNC did something fishy because how on earth did he get the nomination after all these competent people ran against him. The trump-biden two-punch combo is like, wow people are really that against women presidential candidates huh?

Yep that's it. Americans really are that much against having a woman for a president.

I hate Biden so much. He is such a misogynist prick. As well as being an old, senile prick.

There are two sexes and exactly zero genders my guy. But ooff what an awkward old scrote.

I agree. In many languages there are three genders - masculine, feminine and neuter (German for example). It's very common in Indo-European languages, English also used to have three genders if I'm not not mistaken.

Oh wait, he doesn't use gender in the only way it makes sense to use it, does he?

[–] GCRadFem 4 points

Always look for source. The closer to the November elections, the more unsubstantiated “facts” will be popping up.

Tweets mean nothing to me unless there is a legit news or educational or peer reviewed article for substantiation.

There was a reason for that apparent grab. Was it a manipulated image or did it actually occur? (Rhetorical question).

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