Everything they say and do is 1000% creepier when they add weird, cutesy anime images.

Yes, EVERYTHING posted by “transbians” has that kind of anime and the creep factor is through the roof. There is another post of just a bunch of “transbian” talking about hentai and what cartoon porn they like. 🤮

It seems that the majority of the images they use are very childlike as well, and it's hard not to wonder why. If it's not adult female characters with impossibly large breasts along with impossibly small waists with childlike faces, it's female children.

No matter how you look at it, it's all wrong.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 6 points

Every AGP who posts this crap is attracted to children. It’s so gross.

Another one from r/actualstraightdudes.

This dude probably has a fetish for impregnating lesbians. Every other “lesbian” post on Reddit is like this. “Transbians” never shut up about their “girldicks.” 🤮

Among all the lesbians I know IRL, this shit is revolting to them. They don’t want PIV sex! That’s part of the definition of lesbian! Why do they need to put up with this IN THEIR OWN SPACES, every second of every fucking day?

Don't you love how every other post on that sub is about transbians or girldick but there's one single post about vagina and they all make a bunch of dramatic posts crying about how exclusionary the sub is and how it has a TERF problem and makes them feel unwelcome 🙄

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 8 points

I wish we could see a statistic of how many women have been peaked from that subreddit.

This dude is disgusting but also so hilariously clueless, I fucking WISH doctors would shut the everliving hell up about pregnancy and birth control and stop the wasteful, stupid, insulting tests after you come out to them. I've literally put lesbianism as my current form of birth control on forms and STILL gotten the condescending lecture about pregnancy and had a bunch of condoms shoved in my bag.

Never mind how disgusting it is that they insist they MUST test you before doing anything because that hypothetical blastocyst matters more than you ever will to them because it might be male! But no, delusional TIM poster, telling doctors you are a lesbian does not stop them from treating you like a baby vessel at all times.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 7 points

I've literally put lesbianism as my current form of birth control on forms and STILL gotten the condescending lecture about pregnancy and had a bunch of condoms shoved in my bag.


How horribly homophobic. I would loudly complain next time that shit happens. They need to be called out.

[–] sealwomyn 7 points Edited

I did mention it on my way out (when I checked the bag and discovered the contents), it was supposed to be an LGBT friendly clinic and the woman even had a rainbow lanyard on! And she just shrugged and said she was supposed to give them to everyone.. zero LG friendliness to be found. Maybe I should have sent a strongly worded email.

[–] XxWomanxX 10 points Edited

Why is it always anime ? What is their obsession with it ? It’s creepier when you think these are probably balding , linebacker shouldered, mini skirt wearing men behind those screens. Sir , no lesbian can impregnate their partner- you are just some male with a yuri fetish.

Also if they can still get them pregnant , doesn’t that mean they haven’t been on estrogen long enough? So these are pre transcomplete testosterone fuelled , fetishistic men ?

Anime gives pedophilia a veneer of cute respectability.

And, for AGP het male "trans", it distracts from clearly recognizing the desire they all have to rape lesbians.

The fact that they watch loli and still have the baldheadface audacity to turn round and say they don’t find children attractive. “ShE’s AkTuAlLy 5000 YeArS OlD”

AGPs hyper focus on lesbians just screams paraphillic obsession to me, they spend years watching yuri and lesbian porn, wanking themselves into an attraction tunnel vision and breeds delusions like the fact they can don a choker , mini skirt and/or use any lesbian stereotype at hand to claim to actually be one. They’re just obsessive creeps.

[–] Hera 13 points

And they wonder why I (a lesbian) detest them and want them miles away from my spaces...

[–] overanddone 13 points Edited

or joking about impregnating straight women who are trying to role play "lesbian".

No lesbian would have that freak as a "girlfriend"... Did I say that out loud?

(edit: spelling)

Exactly, any woman with a “transbian” is not lesbian. Words have actual meanings! Of course, reality is “transphobic.”

There's nothing lesbian about pregnancy. In order to be pregnant you need a male involved which last I checked is the opposite of being a lesbian. 2+2=4 and I'll say it here which is the only place we're allowed to speak the truth.