“Destroying my pussy”

Good grief. Pornsick, internalized misogyny, very low self-esteem. I actually really hope she snaps out of this phase in her life and starts to treat herself better :(

If these TIF's were really gay men why do they never top these men with a strap on but always insist on having PIV? 🤔 hmm...

Cis gay men are a disease

Hmmm, take out cis and where have we heard this before? Are TRAs using the same talking points as conservative American Christians? Couldn't be ... /s

I wonder how many straight/bi men are hooking up with these poor, deluded women on the dating apps? I'm sure most, if not all of these men are fully aware of what's going on even if she isnt.

I’ve heard this mentioned in a few places, usually from detransitioners (who don’t realize that they’re being exploited until after the fact). Straight guys playing along with the delusions of uwu smol bean femmebois for access to free anal sex from girls and women without strings attached.

These people are really just fucking themselves over and playing right into the hands of predators, it’s so sad.

It seems like this wasn't even anal sex, just traditional intercourse, how she sees it as gay I will never know

Yeah imagine thinking the organs you have sex with have anything to do with sex. Those terfs sure are a crazy cult for thinking that, bestie!

On a non-sarcastic note, I'm not suprised the first one went the TIF route if she internalized pornified thinking about her own body to that degree