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It makes sense to me why TIFs and TIMs would have big average age differences, because they become trans generally for drastically different reasons.

“Trans men” are usually girls and young women who want to escape from womanhood because they feel alienated and often dislike their own bodies as many teenage girls do. They feel that to escape being a girl they must turn into a boy. It’s very easy for young women and girls to fall into this trap because of peer pressure and influences such as social media.

“Trans women” on the other hand do not experience oppression for being female because they are men. They usually come of age as men and decide to transition because of autogynephilia. Some might be gay men who can’t come to terms with the idea of being gay men but pretty much all of them fetishize being female in one way or another. With TIFs it’s about escaping while for TIMs it’s about appropriating hence why we see this age difference.

most young men and boys who transition are gay, as far as I've seen. if they're children, their parents are doing this for clout, like that little boy with pink hair

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The younger ones tend to be gay, but the middle-aged ones we see tend to be AGP from what I can tell. They almost always have wives and/or children.

They wait until family and career are born or established. Some flit between the gender expressions likes Pips/Pippa, some even retain their lower register voice for authority in their esteemed profession (Yo RMW!)

We've had acceptance now for some time. Still waiting however, for an avalanche of middle-aged TIFs attracted to men.

My observation is that girls get sexualized by men at ages ten to twelve--if they're lucky. If they're not, they get older boys and men groping, leering at, and harassing them while they are younger. If girls are violated by boys it's somehow their fault. If boys are sexually inappropriate with girls, tee-hee, boys will be boys.

It's been noted before, but women tend to transition for pragmatic reasons, while men tend to transition for erotic ones. If a girl is desperate to escape harassment, she wants out now. If a boy is secretly getting his jollies by masturbating in mom's underwear, he can afford to wait a bit to "come out"

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They are still arguing that it is innate. They are saying that TIMs repress their identity for longer due to societal stigma.