"hmm society always pressures my group into a role that I dislike"

[1] try and improve society somewhat and remove pressure

[2] actually I never belonged to that group, fuck you

Oh, look, the umpteenth man who thinks he's failed to live up to the standards set forth in the The International Code of Manliness, and now women are morally obligated to let him into their locker room.

I swear to the goddess this discord server tests my nerves. It's not supposed to be about trans issues at all but for some reason we attract a huge number of TIMs. This guy now decided to be non binary for the dumbest of reasons. I've seen pics of him, he's just a slightly effeminate gay man who wears eyeliner sometimes.

I am not out as a TERF because I would be immediately kicked, and at this point they know too much identifying information about me. But I tried to meekly offer some criticism (I am the blue one) which was immediately shut down with the old 'yoU doNT neEd to UndERstANd'.

I was going to ask if you were blue because what you said was so true. He really thinks that because he doesn’t like being restricted as a man (oh please 🙄) he isn’t really a man? That does nothing to fight against the restrictions he chafes against. So shortsighted.

i laughed at him complaining that people always expect men to be manly. As if they don't expect women to be 'womanly' all the time as well, and way more

And why is it so terrible for people to expect 'manly' behavior? It's always the good stuff (brave, leaders, logical) or excuses for terrible behavior (boys will be boys!)

I just don't understand what it is men are trying to identify out of here.... Is it the bare minimum of supporting yourself with a job or something? Because everyone expects women to do that now too.

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“I am whatever I say I am. You don’t need to understand”

Well, buddy, we know it boils down to stereotypes. You just said it yourself without actually using the word.

Edit. Discord is a HUGE HUGE HIGE HUGE HUGE facilitator in the spread of revenge porn and they do nothing to stop it. I wish this was talked about more, but it seems like IME most women shy away from talking about it because then they’d have to admit that they use an app that actively destroys the lives of women. (Many women suicide over revenge porn.) This is light years worse than Preddit IMO.

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Edit. Discord is a HUGE HUGE HIGE HUGE HUGE facilitator in the spread of revenge porn and they do nothing to stop it.

This is my first time hearing about this. Do you have any articles explaining this?

Holy shit I didn't know this. I'm not on discord but I've been thinking of checking it out. If this is true that's a definite nope. You got any good articles I can spread around?

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Honestly I would leave. You're going to accidentally let something slip eventually and they're going to send a bomb to your home. Just leave and if anyone reaches out to you to ask why, ignore. It sounds like it's a shithole so you'll be fine without it.

Well, after I woke up today I saw that some people had piled on to me over night, one (another gay TIM) saying what i said was 'uncomfortably close to TERF rhethoric' and that he 'deserves better' and another meekly saying that my wording had not been the best. it pissed me off so much I impusively left the server. Dunno if I'll be back, but if I ever rejoin u bet the first thing I do is block all the TIMs.

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Yeah, I was going to ask what OP is getting out of continuing to be part of it. Are there any positives? Do those positives outweigh the risks of these psychos finding out she isn't a true believer and doxxing her?

I can't even express how much it enrages me that op has to actually, seriously be careful bc these ppl will literally threaten her life and get her fired

But no, it's us, the big bad terfs who are a threat to THEM. This entire movement is the ideological embodiment of DARVO

They thrive in online spaces. All sorts of deviance goes unchallenged. It's impossible to be nuanced. I gave up on discord when covid slowed and we could go out again. I'm leery of such networks now as they encourage an over familiarity in addition to weakening social boundaries. Are these people you'd hang with in RL?

So sorry. It's like some kind of parasitic wasp entity that enters everything and then kills it from the inside. Ugh!

Not gonna stop until all the apparent *benefits these people are getting cease.

*blame society but don't change it just slap a new label on yourself, feel special and get praised for being stunning and brave, all at no cost to yourself (but huge cost to women, children, lgb, etc.)

What a dick. "I'm just DECLARING my special woo identity bc I'm the first man to ever feel this way in history"

Shut the fuck up, nobody cares