They are so fuckin antisocial and violent. I hate a lot of groups: racists, rapists, etc. But I don't think about them being murdered to amuse myself? Like it doesn't even cross my mind.

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Remember that transactivist Netflix Dave Chappelle protest and that lady shouted "REPENT MF" over and over again at that guy carrying a "we like jokes" sign.

EDIT: This is the video lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9h6F6bJRVs

What the fuck? Why were they all up in his face and like blocking him? He had such a great attitude lol

Lolol@that woman, wtf is she shaking

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I’d have to have done something wrong to be repenting and my cat seems to have forgiven me for going out earlier.

I have a long list of sins against cat that I need to repent for before I can even scratch the surface of my terfing sins. Like, I stole the heating pad from my cat so I could use it myself.

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Oh, the shame! Jail for mother! Jail for mother for 1000 years!

I just today found out about the Menstruation Crustacean and I want one so bad lol

Oh, wow! That's adorable. Possibly the only good thing, ever about menstruation!

This man 1000% still feels hatred towards us. He just learned some bullshit language to cover it up, thus allowing it's continuance, now condoned if the language is applied.

Beware those who would not act ethically but for the imaginary man in their head.

''this is not my comment but its such a good take its making me think'' is a weird take, I've been seeing it a lot on social media and it just feels manipulative.

Probably a framing technique to make it seem like there is a greater consensus on any given topic than there really is. Synthetically generate a bandwagon and prompt other people to jump on it. Social media is mind control.