TBH if I wanted clothes to "reflect biological reality" females should wear pants for menstrual hygiene reasons and males should wear skirts to keep their nads cool.

TEMRA (trans exclusionary men's rights activist) An acronym I just made up to address this guy

I read once that it makes more sense for women to wear skirts back in the day so we could squat to pee which makes complete sense in like the Paleolithic and not today

Well, it makes sense again now, after the aboliton of women's toilets.

I intend to start wearing skirts and peeing outside the moment I start seeing TIMs in the womens' toilets.

If businesses don't want the street in front of their shop to smell of urine, they'd better keep women's toilets single sex.

I went on a trip to the US recently and was deeply depressed at all the unisex changing rooms and bathrooms. I complained at the first one I went to, but quickly realized after 3 or 4 that it was all of them. I saw a changing table next to a urinal, it was horrible.

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This is a good example of just because someone believes sex is real doesn’t automatically make them “gender critical”.

And wtf does “social need” mean? It’s not women's fault most men are too dumb to tell women are women unless we are dressed in a skirt and heels. And don’t let us have short hair! Then they really can’t tell us from the men. 😂

It occurs to me that skirts for men makes more sense than pants since they have all those hangy-down bits.

And women should wear pants since we have menstrual hygiene needs that can more effectively be served in clothing that fit close to our genitals.

There. Sorted. Men will from now on wear skirts and women will wear pants.

Yeah, men have all those dangly bits that show a bulge in trousers, that's really indecent. They should all wear poofy skirts.Or perhaps kilts.If I recall correctly, the traditional purse/pocket whatever that goes with the kilt is in front where it obscures the obscene bulge that one might otherwise see.

(Also, the testicles need to stay cool. That's why they're so dangly. Putting them in trousers and pressing them towards the warmer parts of the body is bad for male fertility. With the low birthrates and ageing population, can we really afford men wearing trousers?)

Men wear trousers and women wear skirts.

Nonsense. As any Greek or Roman man would tell you, real men wear skirts. Trousers are for barbarians.

the only reason Rome fell was because their men weren't wearing trousers!! If only they could have acknowledged modern day dress codes; they'd have lasted another millennia.

I'm still convinced it was the wearing of trousers that caused the fall of Rome 😅 - trousers became a regular part of Roman civilian and military dress in the 4th century.

How does such a nonsense rule even say anything about "biological reality"? What fools

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This is honestly a great example to use when illustrating the similarities and differences of TRA rhetoric vs more "traditional" conservative or MRA rhetoric (for example, compare and contrast with a tweet from a TRA talking about "breaking the binary" yet relying on sex stereotypes).

The entire point to the sex binary is your attire can’t obfuscate your sex. Women are still visibly women in pantsuits. Men are still visibly men in miniskirts.

I'd like to see him turn up at The Highland Games and tell the men there they should be throwing trees in trousers because their kilts are technically skirts and are too girly.

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Reminds me of a low-angle newspaper shot of a competitor who’d just thrown the hammer ... definitely nothing worn under the kilt there.

If clothing reflected biology wouldn't it make more sense for men to wear skirts then? So there's room for their bits and bobs to be hanging free.

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