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Oh my goddess I hope she leaves this controlling piece of shit. What a scumbag for also hiding his despicable forced birther opinions from her this whole time. Absolute waste of oxygen.

Dworkin was so right when she said scrotes empathize only with the fetus as if it was his actual life to be prevented from happening with zero ability to actually empathize from the woman's perspective that her life/health/dreams matter more.

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I'm outraged by the OP. Apparently he's known his girlfriend for their whole lives and says twice that she has NEVER wanted children. And now all of a sudden seems to think that she's going to change her mind for what he wants.

It also sounds like he's lied to her about wanting kids and is now attempting to trap her into having his child.

Exactly, he's hoping to guilt trip her into it. I've literally seen this happen before. A friend got pregnant and was going to have an abortion since they'd always agreed on that. Well all of a sudden her husband's changed his mind and sells her this bullshit about he'll be the baby's primary caregiver and he'll do all the feedings and childcare blah blah blah

Baby came. I noticed his attitude shifting the further along she got, but she didn't or maybe she was in denial. Long story short they're divorced, she's been baby's primary caregiver since he was about 3 weeks old. He kept his promise for THREE.FUCKING.WEEKS. whined about it the whole time too.

Anyway guess who has full custody? The useless scrote wouldn't even do 50/50 custody after the divorce and used the excuse, "I don't want to mess up the baby's routine". The "baby" is nearly 4 years old.

Ok I feel my blood pressure rising and I'm about to blow,I have to stop writing this now

I hope your friend is in a good place now :( I really truly cannot stand these men, if they do not agree with abortion then why are they even having pre-marital sex at all, if they cant or wont wear a condom? Of course I know the answer, that it's all about controlling and exploiting women to the furthest extent- but still...

And might I just mention- that poor child. The first couple of weeks of life was separated from Mother and denied the CRUCIAL bonding time between both Mother and infant. Scientifically proven to be the key to healthy development in children into adulthood. But because of that man (who couldn't be bothered to raise his own child for more than 3 weeks), the child was denied that crucial bond AND now grows up without a father, presumably?

The way he structured his manipulation sounded like he was asking for a puppy- "Ill feel it and walk it and pick up its poop!" But just like a child asking for a pet, know that you cannot trust them to keep your word, and you will inevitably pick up the responsibility when he gets "bored."

We need some kind of way in our legal system to MAKE fathers take full responsibility or else

Yep, he just admits all of it. Classic male logic and not even disguising it.

I sincerely believe that men should have no say in whether a woman has an abortion. Men should also have very little say in having children regardless. Of course there should be some consensus, both people should be on board if they are going to bring a child into the world, but if the man wants children and the woman does not, the woman's choice should take precedence.

Every one of these scrotes telling this scrote to voice his opinion. Fuck off. You don't have any rights. Shut up.

I think he should tell her that if she decides to keep the kid, he is in a good position to support one.

So she had a real choice.

And then support her which ever she makes.

He can let go of the whole “father getting rid of me in the womb” thing because it isn’t his choice

He can let go of the whole “father getting rid of me in the womb” thing because it isn’t his choice

It also wasn't his father's choice (unless his parents are from the shittiest kind of patriarchy.) I don't know why that one line is sticking in my craw more than every other part of this godawful post but it's nagging at me. Why didn't he say "my mother getting rid of me in the womb?" I think he genuinely doesn't believe women have agency. He really does think his girlfriend will keep it if he tells her to.


Like, homie, were you in your father's womb? Because unless you were in your father's uterus, there is a 0% likelihood of your father "getting rid of you in the womb."

He obviously doesn't think women have agency. That's why he's going to try and challenge her boundaries and decisions

What a fucking despicable, slimy asshole. He says his feelings about kids changed after his last deployment. So why the FUCK didn't you tell her that you dumbass?

He's trying to come off all innocent and considerate but he wanted to baby trap her. Fuck him,I hope he tells her and she leaves his stupid ass

Also all she did was miss a fucking period, lol. She's probably not even pregnant.

It really amazes me how stupid some ppl are

Oh, deployment? So she gets to care for this kid and move all over the place while he rapes women overseas?

Yet another man proving that when men talk about women wanting to babytrap them, they're projecting.

I don't get what on earth his has to do with this circle. Sidebar says:

Welcome to TransLogic!

This is the Radical Feminist Circle to document the various illogical, incorrect, misogynistic, racist, and otherwise caustic rhetoric spouted from TRAs themselves.

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Note: this circle is also to showcase the lies, fallacies, and misogyny of men in general, whether or not they are trans-identified. This can include MRAs, TRAs, or just your average Joe.

I thought it fell under the category of "misogyny of the average Joe" and a reflection of the entitlement the average man displays towards women's bodies.