Hahahaha... gasps for breath ...aHahaha!

My dude, you would be so much happier as a straight guy who's comfortable doing the dishes and wearing some eyeliner.

Something in this post tells me he doesn’t even do the dishes. He need a cis woman with makeup on to do the dishes for him.

He’s most likely the typical “transbian” aka he will upload 60 selfies in a maid costume prancing around his filthy bedroom, but he would never lower himself to do any actual cleaning. That drudge work is for the “cis women.”

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 65 points

"can't help who you're attracted to!" Meanwhile he wants to force lesbians to suck his diseased dirty dick.

Ok but I find women who don’t shave and don’t wear makeup attractive . Die mad scrote. Cope .

This is one of the most misogynistic TIM posts I have come across, the audacity of this cross dresser thinking he can dictate , pick and choose what women do with their bodies - your male entitlement is showing, Sir.

The fact that he sees lesbians as nothing more than validation dispensers for his delusions of womanhood again proves to me that he doesn’t see women as fully human again indicating to me that this man watched too much yuri hentai and lesbian porn. To him , lesbians are nothing more than props to live out his lesbian fantasies.

This post gives out a receding hairline aura

Breaking News: Heterosexual male is attracted to heterosexual women.

I'm sure the lesbians this dude encounters will be absolutely devastated to learn he's not into them. /s

Lol. He's more attracted to women who want to attract men, like him.

Seems like everything is working as intended ... but no ... he wants to be attracted to women who are NOT in the least attracted to him. Because ... he wants to rape? Only logical conclusion. He's a wannabe rapist and sad that the women he wants to rape make his dick sad and he's only attracted to women who might consent to have sex with him. (Might. I'm hetero, but would never date a TIM ... of course, I also have hairy legs and don't do makeup, so ... all is well.)

[–] spw 28 points

Why doesn't he just date other TIMs? They wear lots of makeup!

Lol what a fucking idiot. Or maybe a troll? Sometimes I wonder if some of y'all are over there trolling bc some of the scenarios are just comically pathetic

Wtf does he mean "I want to be attracted to women who love women? You can't choose who you're sexually attracted to. I'm a super straight woman. I genuinely wish I was sexually attracted to women as I find them superior in every way. I'm not trying to be disrespectful bc I know that gay ppl have to deal with a lot of bullshit that I have never even had to think about. I would just love to have a woman partner. But I can't just like...become sexually attracted to women.

Being a straight woman who can't stand men is proof that we can't change our sexual preferences

[–] GCRadFem 33 points

It’s the dainty daisy again. He must live in mom’s basement because he is on all the TRA subs all day, every day, just based on the ones we have seen on Ovarit..

At least he’s not losing his shit in this post like he usually does.

Is this guy the new "terfsbeware" or whatever that one was called? That one was eventually outed as a troll, or confessed. I think they were trying to expose the TIMs on Reddit for the insane and violent sentiments they are willing to agree with.

[–] GCRadFem 1 points

Yeah, no. This guy is a TRA through and through. After he lost it at work and posted it, he apologized to his TIM overlords for making TRAS look bad.

KF should start following this guy if they haven't yet. This guy is a goddamned lunatic.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 12 points

Omg he is literally insane. He's going to go postal one of these days.

Dainty Daisy and Loveless_Bird are two fascinating reddit characters. Hopefully they are just trolls.

loveless has to be a troll. he's posting about "how do i spin my testicles," taping his dick down with ductape, and training his urethra into a "vagina" through sounding.

"Can I soak my underwear in estrogel?" I agree, it has to be someone trolling.

[–] mathlover 12 points Edited

Back in the early days of the womens movement (1970s) lesbians, and many het women in the movement, dressed androgynously. When young women look at photos of us from that era they tell me they can't tell who was butch and who was femme because we all dressed similarly and wore no makeup. Today's butches would consider that androgynous look too femme and today's femmes would definitely consider it too butch.

Men hated the androgyny. And the few early het male transvestites around (who were what we now call "trans" males larping as "lesbians") particularly hated the androgyny. They had been used to harassing and verbally abusing the butch lesbians and they would try to attach themselves to the femme lesbians they were attracted to like this man's attraction to straight women. Suddenly no lesbians were attractive and these early "trans" males hated it, hated the androgyny.

This man is like all other het men larping as a "lesbian". His fantasy is best fulfilled by having sex with the one very small demographic of women who will never want him. If you read these men talking among themselves, it is a ubiquitous fantasy. They have all either already coercively raped a lesbian, or would at any opportunity.

Something tells me the demographic of women who don't want him isn't "very small" LMAO


The group or women he specifically wants is very small - lesbians. Very few het or bi women would ever want him, because of the kind of man he is. But no lesbians will ever want him, only because he is a man.

Omg do you have any links where I can see these androgynous lesbians ? I love learning about history , especially when women piss off men.

Go find photos of Pride marches from the 1970s. NB: The first one, in NYC, was called a Gay Liberation march and many of those first marches across the country were also called Liberation marches. Within a few years they were Gay Pride marches, then parades. There were also lesbian marches separate from the Gay Pride ones.

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