Calls herself NB, still doing the housework for her pervert husband.

This poor "NB" woman. Funny how she couldn't gender identify her way out of getting stuck doing all the laundry

I am so fucking glad I left reddit. Look at this comment. I didn't see how many upvotes it got bc it was hidden, but lmao what the FUCK

Ok then this is a kink. The embarrassment is not shame, but probably lack of understanding of how to even communicate. Her own towels should help. But you might still find them around. If you do, then it’s time to have a talk about where it’s appropriate to hide “treats” If it is a kink- try not to shame. Yes it’s gross; but shame is a real intimacy killer

Yes bc finding crusty towels jizz-bleached from your man's wank sessions isn't "a real intimacy killer" bahaha these ppl are off their rockers

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it’s me that does the laundry so I’m peeling these crusty little love-deposits apart.

I gagged.

I see that he groomed her from 14 on. She might not realize there's more to life than "sparkly labels" and pornsick males. But I hope she's able to break free from this predator freak and find out.

Edit: From the comments,

Lol sorry but this has me dead. Marriage is so funny sometimes.

No, this isn't a "marriage is so haha funny!" situation. Sorry. When my husband and I realized we'd reached that point in our marriage where we watch the weather channel (only it's not the weather channel anymore?) and go yard-saling on weekends? Yeah, THAT is funny. We got a good giggle over how we're not young and exciting anymore.

This? This is just horribly disrespectful of his wife's boundaries and revolting to boot. This predator groomed his wife and is now regularly marking his territory on all of her things and making her clean it up. I don't know how anyone can not just justify that but call it funny. That's degenerate.

Not officially married yet but my fiance and I find it funny how often we say the same thing at the same time.

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It’s amazing how even when they change the labels, the basic gender dynamics stay the same. They think they’re so avant-garde and with it but this could be written by a mid century or Victorian housewife.

At least in mid century or Victorian times the situation would have involved due shame and disgust with what the guy is doing, not a chorus of predditors wailing "If it's a kink, don't shame!!"

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The Freek Chorus…..like Greek Chorus?


Keep my day job?

I am not super comfy with telling my trans wife “this is boy behavior” as a way of shaming her.

So being trans protects him from getting shamed for perverted sexual behavior. Interesting... 🤔

She says she has to tread lightly as they are both autistic with sensory issues, and he likes the “feel” of towels.

Yeah, this is just bullshit. I have sensory issues but don’t use it as an excuse to be a manipulative asshole. 😡

I feel you, KissMyOvaries. It's maddening.

It seems like everyone and their cousin is "autistic" these days. I suffer with bipolar and OCD and it grinds my gears to hear/read people self-diagnosing themselves with various "trendy" diagnoses and then using it as an excuse to behave badly or to not take responsibility for their actions. Sorry but giving in to every little negative emotion isn't bipolar and doesn't excuse you of being cranky and snapping at people. Being a bit socially awkward doesn't make you autistic.

Divorce would be a good start. But she is calling herself NB so I doubt she would be mentally stable enough to find someone sane after leaving him.

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She’s been with him since she was 14. She knows no different.

Whoa are you serious? Ok now I feel bad for her

Who wants to bet he encouraged her to "transition" to non binary bc her womanhood made him jealous

Eta: ew if they got together when she was 14, he would've been 18 at the time. I'm sorry but what the fuck does a high school freshman even have in common with an 18 year old about to start college? That's nasty. Yet another groomer tim, there's a shocker

Imagine the manipulative stranglehold he has on her psyche.

Holy shit that is the most disrespectful thing I've ever read. Wow. How do women put up with men doing vile shit like that? Once is an accident, it happens. He's doing it on purpose.

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