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you are not a lesbian if you're a TIM, you just have a fetish and you need to grow the hell up. Are you TQ+? Sure. But you don't support LGB people. You are not a member of a community, you're a predator.


Can I just say, as a lesbian, this is going to mess the young ones up so much. If I were younger and less stable, it would mess me up.

One of my issues, the main reason I don't approach women to ask them out or show interest, is that I am terrified of being seen as predatory. With men like this screaming that existing as a lesbian is inherently predatory, we are going to end up with a lot of self hating baby lesbians who trans themselves because being "AFAB" is disgusting and evil.

This statement is made to engineer compliance and coercion and to ensure a new generation of groomed girls and women as handmaids and lifelong medical cases. To add more "proof" to everything that "they were always trans!" By pointing to the shame and self hatred instilled b statements like this.

Saying NO to sex (with men) = predator opposed to liberation

The male supremacy at the core of this movement just keeps getting more and more overt.

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Men want to decide how lesbians get to exist just like they think they're entitled to define and set the terms of every woman's existence. They get to exist in their pornos and they get to exist in their fantasies, but they don't get to exist in real life and they especially don't get to exclude any men who want to fuck them.

Shay (in the replies) highlighted something that's been bugging me for a while now: these days, unless you're a RightWingFascistPrude you're apparently not allowed to shame other people's kinks/fetishes. It doesn't matter how gross, dangerous, or objectifying they are - you might hurt their feelings and that's not fair to poor coomers!

But "genital fetishes" (which are sexualities not fucking fetishes)..? People can shame those all they want because genital fetishes are gross and totes oppressing the world's most vulnerable minorities (straight men and women, playing cross-sex dress-up). No socially acceptable homophobia happening here, no siree! /s 🤡

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I've been called a bigot for shaming men with pedophilic parphilias and I have also been called a bigot for saying I will only entertain a relationship with other actual women.

Trans right are pedophile and mens rights and no one can change my mind.

They say they are women too…and then go and do the most male thing ever which is whine and pout about being sexually rejected

If they were Actual Women with female socialization they'd be blaming themselves and trying to work out how to change so that boys would like them. And if they were Actual Lesbians they would be sad but also recognize that not all girls are the type to want them.

I swear to god, raising a toddler is the best way to get experience on how to deal with tims

Exactly. And furthermore




  1. An object that is believed to have magical or spiritual powers, especially such an object associated with animistic or shamanistic religious practices.

  2. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence.

  3. Something, such as a material object or nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

But maybe these people are so screwed up in the head that genitals are nonsexual in their world.

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Dictionaries are outdated, bigoted, and “transphobic” to these people.

Not to be alarmist, but dictionaries, biology textbooks and encyclopedias give me some seriously terfy vibes. I just wanted to warn y'all

Just another proof that even they don't believe that only liking pussy is a fetish.

He thinks attraction to women is inherently predatory. Because for him, it is.

But "queer people" counterbalance their predatory, exploitative sexual attraction to women by being willing to accommodate and please TIMs and other men.

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You're right, dude, I don't need queer liberation, as "queer liberation" is just an insidious way of saying "straight rights". Queer is a scourge. My lesbian ass needs queer liberation to disappear forever. The homophobia I experience from "queers" makes the homophobia I experience from conservatives seem like child's play.

Right? At least old-school homophobes are upfront with their bigoted vitriol, and anyone who sees it will call it for what it is: homophobia, but when that same rhetoric is coming from a man in a dress claiming oppression because lesbians/bi women who don't buy into the genderwoo bullshit don't want to fuck him (because he's a man) suddenly former "allies" agree that there's something wrong with same-sex attraction!

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I grew up in an era where conservative homophobia was the norm. They were so blatant and obvious about it that they were comical. There was no way to take them seriously, they were completely buffoons.

The queer shit tho. It's the same logic, but it's so deeply insidious and downright evil. And that's why it works so well, and why it truly terrifies me to my core.

Conservative homophobes are to saturday morning cartoon villains who make their Evil Ray of Evil to terrorize the heroes. Queer homophobes (such as op in the picture, who is a heterosexual man, not a lesbian like he claims) are more like the terrifying, well-written villains you might find in a historical novel. They know how to twist words to make their reality seem real, and never in my life have I felt more concerned for my safety as both a gay person and as a woman until now.

Transbians talking about lesbians sound like the Russians talking about Ukraine.

So TIMs are all going to date each other and leave women alone right? Since to do otherwise would be "predatory" and all...

Right- why aren’t “transbians” ever calling themselves “pussy fetishists” and predators?

Practically every single Reddit “transbian” will announce that he has a “strict genital preference,” demand “AFAB” girlfriends, and refuse to do T4T, but somehow the AGPs are allowed to have those boundaries. 🤔 Funny how that works. Hmm.

Posted by a man with that as his picture? Queer is a nebulous and stupid term. Same sex attracted people (LGB) don’t need “queer liberation” as that has no meaning whatsoever.

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