Imagine your son telling you he thinks he's a mistake and you fucking affirming that and agreeing with him

Are they fucking kidding?

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Why can’t their teenager (I’m assuming a TIM child— because they made SURE he is gonna be transed) “joyfully present” himself as a gender nonconforming male? Why is that NEVER an option for these Transhausen parents (we know why)?

Why is it never “gender non-comforming girls and boys should not be bullied”?— it’s always “oh, you’re just a girl inside! In fact, we’re ALL TRANS! And we’ll all die if we don’t transition!” which is fucking deranged.

He said he thought he was a “mistake”— that’s really concerning (and sounds like something that should be explored in a NON-TRA mental healthcare setting), but now both parents are teaching that he needs to drug and maim himself to not be a “mistake.” These narcissistic people should not be parents. It’s disgusting.

They’re gonna trans themselves alongside their own child so that they can get maximum public attention. Meanwhile, the child’s mental health needs are NOT being met.

We can take this mess and multiply it by thousands of other cases. This is a crisis.

how is there room in this twit thread for so many egos???

Like I know it’s not real life, but seeing reactions like these make me feel like I’m alone and no one else sees what’s wrong with this…

narcissistic personality disorder is real, my sister. so real.