I’m bi and I wouldn’t date a TIM or a TIF , my point being no one owes a trans person a relationship especially as they seem to see those relationships as nothing more than a point to check off the list in persuit of passing. Lesbians aren’t here to dispense validation points , neither is anyone else for that matter. A lesbian could reject anyone for any reason , especially if you are male .

Also the hilarity of two men debating lesbianism using any philosophical school of thought instead of just saying lesbians are Female Homosexuals.

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Straight men debating lesbian sexuality. That’s been going on for time eternal.

New versions of the same old thing. The classic: how do you know you aren’t attracted to men?

Oh, you don’t want to? How do you know you won’t like it? Oh, you did try it and you hate it? Oh, you were raped? Men repulse you but you weren’t raped?

That is no reason, try harder.

Try harder you transphobe.

TRAS work night and day to erase sex. You erase our sex, you erase sexual orientation. Why is only a lesbian’s sexual orientation up for discussion?

Because we want zero to do with TIMS.


Is RasperryThrone a secretly radfem account? They're making surprisingly much sense.

The other guy is so hilariously wrong, though ...

Why would we want to force lesbians to be attracted to people who are in the gender cult?

Misogynist projection. I guess he thinks since he wants to force lesbians to be attracted to TIMs to "validate" them, we would want to force lesbians to be attracted to TIFs so that the TIFs feel invalidated about their gender identity.

The possibility that anyone could just not care whether mentally ill people feel validated in their delusion (or just, you know, prioritize women's wellbeing higher than pissing off gender cultists) seems unthinkable to him.

I know I found it bizarre. Like no lesbians do not want TIFs and I’ve never seen anyone gender critical even insinuate that lesbians should want TIFs. I did see someone in one of these transinfested forums claim that gc lesbians were upset about TIFs because they were removed from the dating pool 😂 Like can they make it anymore obvious their only “argument” is I know you are but what am I?