Please tell me they're mocking how forced-birthers see women (without realising that TRAs also see women this way).

Women have been treated as reproductive slaves since the heavy advent of coerced infant adoption after wwii. Even marriage is in some ways a form of reproductive slavery. It does after all give men ownership and control over his very own womb bearer. What’s happening now with the normalization of reproductive slavery and transhumanism is the culmination of males long time hidden agenda.

Initially I didn't even understand what the slur was. I thought he was talking about some type of laboratory equipment. Then I read it again and was shocked. What the hell.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 1 points

Maybe you didn't understand the slur ... Or maybe you already understand the next couple levels of slurs to come?

i mean, the way that ingrate gay couple in yesterday's (or the day before's) article talked about surrogate Mothers definitely wasn't all that far off of recyclable laboratory equipment... smdh

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🀠 3 points

Oh, is this that "Death Stranding" video game everyone was talking about? /s

Thanks for your input, Horny For Justice. Your contributions to the human consciousness are noted.

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"Fetus container" is going to be added to my list of things I'd name my rock band if I ever ended up making my own rock band.

Fetal container, menstruator all my friends are man haters guitar solo

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There needs to be more pro woman rock music out there it’s so male dominated like everything else.