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Estrogen doesn’t cause cramps. Cramps are caused by prostaglandins the body produces in response to the uterine lining breaking down. No breakdown, no prostaglandin, no cramps. And that includes gastrointestinal issues, which are caused by the prostaglandins spilling over to other areas. Yes, women can have diarrhea and gastro cramping when they get their period, but it is a side effect prostaglandins, not an independent phenomenon because of a "cycle".
Having PCOS, my periods were very irregular, and some cycles were so long the lining had built up so much that when I would finally menstruate my periods were really heavy, triggering high prostaglandin production. Some months I has such severe cramps they went down into my thighs and I could barely walk.
It was around that time Aleve/Naproxin came on the market and it was a miracle drug. I will never forget the first time I took Aleve. I had been in so much pain it took me a few hours to drag myself to the campus health center to get something because Advil wasn't working. 30 minutes after taking it, the cramping stopped and the pain dissipated. I felt the pain leaving my body, like an evil spirit having been exorcized.

Women who take birth control pills and don't use the placebos to avoid having a period don't get the symptoms TIMs claim they have, because the Estrogen has nothing to do with period pain and side effects.

Women who take estrogen HRT after menopause or following oophorectomy also don't get menstrual cramps or have cycles. Women who've had hysterectomy don't get menstrual cramps, either. Coz menstrual cramps come from the uterus. There's no prostaglandins to spill over to other areas such as the GI tract or muscles of the back without a uterus.

I don't know why TIFs keep trying to be honest. It's like they don't notice how little TIMs care about any woman, including the ones that identify as something else.