Hilariously enough, gender critical parents always have "gender neutral" pics of their babies.

(It's weird, my family isn't really feminist - me being the exception - but they really, really hate gendered children's clothing. My mother judges people who dress their little girls in pink, very harshly. It's on par with owning an SUV. It's not really hard to live what they preach, too, because it's something of a family tradition to dress babies in hand-me-downs. Why waste money on something they'll grow out of anyway? So even if gendered items happen to turn up in the pool, they will inevitably used for all family babies. Not having suitable baby photos in case baby turns out genderspecial is such a luxury problem ... that only exists for people who can afford to buy all their baby stuff new.)

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I dressed my daughter in princessy pink outfits as well as straight up boy's clothes. Whatever I happened to find in the store and think was cute.

I got rid of the really girly stuff but I did keep several articles of the girl's clothing for my younger son too.

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🔥 Hot Tip!

Take pictures of your baby with parents who can think critically. It’ll work wonders for them later in life!

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Green equals non-binary I guess 💀

There are flowers behind one of them. Don’t you know boys can’t enjoy flowers.

My sons carseat came and they'd sent me the "girl" version of it and I was too busy crying and vomiting 24/7 to return it.

My family was so scandalized lmfao. "He might get confused" LOL my kid doesn't remember last summer, how the fuck would he be confused by a carseat with pink butterflies on it that he had as a literal newborn. It WAS ugly as sin, and totally not my style, but whatever

Don't forget to buy your infant child a little knitted penis from etsy in case you got one with a defective sex ☺️

Diaper packers…..

my kids seemed perfectly capable of making their own. Several per day actually

My mom totally did this, way ahead of the curve! It totally wasn't because I had a bunch of hand-me-downs from my older brother and my mom was in grad school when I was born and we only had Dad's income so being thrifty was a good idea...

So dumb.

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Scolding and “educating” mothers just trying to hang in there during the tough baby years. “Any clean onesies in that pile I just washed?”

Got to start the TRA indoctrination while they are babies now.

This scrote says that mothers will do what they believe is right for their child, but at the same time "suggests" that he knows what's best.


Ew, it's a dude? Lol that makes it even worse

You know what, I don't actually know lmao I guess for some reason I just assumed because it was so obnoxious and unnecessary

Or you could just... go gender neutral in general. Your child not turning out to be begendered doesn't make forcing gender stereotypes on them an OK thing to do.

Does anyone remember the person who asked their (i cannot remember whether it was girl or boy baby photos) parents to photoshop the baby pictures to look aligned wirh their new chosen gender identity but it was just. A baby in a red shirt and overalls with a hair length that would be normal for either sex of baby. If you asked me to guess if it was a boy or girl baby i wouldn't know.

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