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Don't these guys understand the first thing about the kind of major surgery they're getting? Even if his surgery ends up successful in the long run, in the immediate aftermath all that cut up, rearranged and sewn-up tissue is bound to be swollen, bruised, bloody and to look horrible.

Also, I am fed up with these guys constantly using the word vagina as an all-purpose word. The vagina is an internal organ. The outer female genitalia is a vulva, FFS. It's so disrespectful that for all the time and energy TIMs focus on coveting these female body parts, none of them bother to get the names right.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 49 points

counterpoint: vulva genuinely feels like a word they haven't tried to co-opt at all... which is definitely saying something •_____•

They just care about having a hole to poke.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 9 points

If it's that way for proud owners of a brand-new "front hole", too, that's just... wow, that's a whole 'nother level of sad.

Thank you! I have no pity for these idiots. How many consults did they go through starry eyed and day dreaming about some pornstar stereotype, ignoring the fact they’re electing horrific experimental surgical removal and mutilation of healthy functioning organs?! I realize it’s a fast track to surgery but they didn’t have cold feet when getting shaved? Oh yeah, of course not, they were getting off on it riiiiight up until the point they wake up from surgery and it’s become real.

If they're over the age of 25, I have no pity. If you have a fully developed frontal lobe AND you're chronically online, how can you not do a ton of research about this? When I was really overweight I was looking into gastric sleeve surgery (until I learned about how shitty surgical outcomes in general are for black women) and I looked up EVERYTHING I possibly could, including pics of what it would look like immediately after, then a few weeks post-op, then a few months post-op. I made a special appt with the Dr who was gonna do my surgery and asked him literally like over a hundred questions. I must've been really annoying but I just really wanted to be aware of every possible scenario. I lurked on countless forums and attended online support groups to get real ppl's thoughts.

That shit is major surgery. I had a little notebook I used to document everything that was important to know, and to journal about the procedure and all the Dr appts. And I'm not proud of this but I'm a notoriously lazy person and I was shooting heroin+crack every day during this time. How can a fat crackhead junkie be more on top of things than a man about to chop his genitals off??!

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I know I wanted to get so much plastic surgery in my early 20s, started to look into it more seriously, read a bunch of actual accounts of what I wanted to get and immediately NOPED.

Also congrats on getting clean ❤️🥳

'If it was botched, wouldn't one of the 8 or 9 students or techs who saw it have said something?'

No. They don't tell on each other.

Exactly,I feel like that's an obvious no-duh. A Dr isn't gonna criticize his own work and neither are the ppl working under him.

Doctors KNOW these surgeries run a high risk of complications and that patients often have to come back 3,4,5 times to fix the problems. They know and they count on it. These surgeries are huge moneymakers, esp bc of the follow-up visits and surgeries. A basic 30 minute search session will tell you that. Tbh nobody should be allowed to get surgery if they're this fucking clueless lol

[–] Riothamus scrote 46 points

"I've been telling myself to be patient and see how it looks once the swelling is down. I'm also thinking, 'If it was botched, wouldn't one of the 8 or 9 students or techs who saw it have said something?'"

Dude, there is no Happily Ever After with this surgery. There's little difference between a botched and a non-botched result.

Out of morbid curiosity, I've looked at tons of neo vaginas and neo dick pics online. Even the "best" ones look like something out of Dr Frankenstein's portfolio LMFAO

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 27 points

There's little difference between a botched and a non-botched result

still trynna decide if it's worth rubbernecking around that subreddit, or if i would quickly become a giant ball of regrets

The sex change results are something I truly don't understand. They all look bad. Hardly any of them even look passable. Yet they all gaslight each other into believing it's fine, and time and time again members of their community have a break down upon seeing their own body.

It seems intentionally cruel sometimes. Like it's a big joke and no one is letting the newbies in on it.

i wouldn't use the term "sex change" tbh. there is no such thing as a sex change. sex is way more than just genitalia. his botched surgery is still male, and always will be - because he's male.

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I feel bad on one level and on the other hand I don't. This is what you get for being impulsive. This is what you get for joining a woman hating cult.

It's a massive act of hubris to think that a man could create the organ of life out of a cut up penis in the pelvis of a man.

agree. Sadly, he will always remain sad, and later angry. This is criminal, what the TRAs and medical profession are foisting on mentally ill people.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 25 points

Boo bloody hoo. Sympathy level zero that his skinwalking efforts are a mess.

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lol, I read that first sentence to the tune of "Roots Bloody Roots" by Sepultura.


I have little sympathies for his motivations but I still feel awful that he's going to have to live with this forever. For a surgery which is marketed as alleviating dysphoria and becoming your 'true self', "I cried to myself the entire four hour drive home because I felt gross" is a really horrible reality.

I've been telling myself to be patient and see how it looks once the swelling is down. I'm also thinking, "If it was botched, wouldn't one of the 8 or 9 students or techs who saw it have said something?"

You paid them money for unnecessary surgery.

They happily took your money because the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex is a beast that is never satiated.

There is no standard for what a re-jiggered penis into a fuckhole looks like. You get what you get. Best case scenario, you'll look like my TiM ex — a man with two buttholes and no penis.

I'm sorry you had to experience being married to one of these deranged ballbags.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 5 points

The silver lining in all this are incels destroying their ability to coom.

I really wanted to feel pity, but he would send so much abuse and vitriol to anyone telling him to question and research the outcomes for this surgery, like, real sources outside his echo chamber.

Yes, I still feel bad for him since he can never go back, and there's a likelihood he was groomed into it. There are so many grooming gangs in the T community. Some do it out mental illness too.

I know these men are dangerous but I can't help but feel a little bit bad for them.

It is sad. It's sad because these are severely ill people who need therapy and mental health interventions. Instead of learning to live themselves, they go to exploitative, abusive butcher surgeons.

What they don't understand is that they are all botched. All of them.

It's incredibly sad

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